Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • asphalt-proof
    Apr 21, 07:50 AM
    I disagree.
    "The ONLY thing that matters in these kind of numbers is whether or not you can run an application on it." ---If it cant make a call its a different device PERIOD.

    Those are all phones. By your logic, you prove my point. By your logic there are 10 different iOS devices , are you saying that THEY -"are not the same thing or related in any relative way" ?

    PS : I love my iPhone but it is not my leader. Apple is cool but I don't jump up and down for any and every Pro- Apple story I can drink down. This chart is BS...IMHO

    You are creating an artificial distinction between the products. It doesn't matter to a potential developer because they know if they release to iOS, it's going to go on ALL iOS products but maybe not all ALL android products. Certainly not to a tablet. This is what the article is focusing on. You are very narrowly looking at one data point. And even the construction of your argument for the interpretation of that data point is flaw when you decide to compare one manufacture of iOS to all manufacturer's of Android. If HTC can only sell only a few units of an Android phone, then they may drop the platform and look somewhere else for a better os. (Not saying HTC is in that boat. I know they sell a bunch... just a thought experiment). to only one feature.

    It's NOT about Android phone vs. iphone and not iphone products. It's about platform vs. platform.

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  • 666sheep
    Mar 29, 04:11 PM
    Yes, Kingston you've linked will work OK. Plus it has lifetime manufacturer's warranty (which really works). But I'd recommend the same brand but PC3200 (400 MHz). It's more futureproof - if you'd buy MDD with faster bus (or overclock this one's bus to 167 MHz) or G5 in the future, then you'll be able to use this RAM with it.

    Other brand, like Crucial, Corsair will also work:

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  • marksman
    Apr 4, 12:31 PM
    Agreed, I'm still surprised by the amount supporters of this 'deal' in an earlier thread on this board. The only winners are Deutsche Telekom (as they get to dump a barely profitable enterprise) & ATT.

    So you would rather Deutsche Telekom just shut them down? You can't force them to run an unprofitable business.

    This decision would have been made regardless of the T-Mobile deal. T-Mobile and Sprint have never been considered by AT&T and Verizon when making these decisions. At least not any time in the last 5 years.

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  • upsguy27
    Mar 17, 02:43 PM
    Er, can anyone help?

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  • imahawki
    May 3, 01:29 PM
    ...every time?

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  • lmalave
    Sep 27, 10:41 AM
    Stick around.There's cooler stuff on the way ;)

    Hmm...are Address Book and iCal going to get the same treatment? It would be great for .Mac to finally have an offering that competes with what Yahoo, Google, etc. have been providing for free for quite some time...

    ...or could it go even farther? What about an online version of iWeb, where you could edit and publish webpages directly from the browser, with drag-n-drop and all that goodness.

    Oooh - I just started salivating over iPhone integration possibilities!!!! How about having the iPhone sync with .Mac directly - even if you're not anywhere near your computer? Or how about the iPhone having mobile blogging software that will publish blog entries to a blog on your .Mac website? These are all features that other phones and websites offer, but the difference for Apple would be the seamlessness of the Mac/iPhone/.Mac integraton...

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  • fivepoint
    Mar 3, 07:53 AM
    Try telling the boomers that their ss contributions weren't for them but for their now deceased parents to live off of and that there is nothing left for them. Not a vote winner. Healthcare reform is the only way. Other nations achieve much better results in both healthcare and education with less money. Unfortunately there is also a lot of debt to be paid back which will be expensive when rates rise. More pain to come. Raise taxes and cut spending.

    According to data on your first chart I'd say that corporate income tax revenues need to increase dramatically. Corporate income taxes only represent 9%(191 billion) of revenue yet individual income tax represents 41% (899 billion). Combine that with all the bailouts the government handed out to the banks and some corporations and I'm guessing the net rate might be close to 0%.

    I'm not saying individual taxpayers won't have to sacrifice in order to solve the problem, but I'm not sure why there are those that argue that no matter how many tax breaks corporations get or even government bailouts---that's its always the individual who has to pay.

    It's a policy based on greed straight from the richest people and companies in this country.

    Higher taxes result in more revenue and increases in economic activity and job creation.

    I say we raise taxes, make them more progressive and at the same time, look at government spending and make reasonable and smart decisions about what and where to cut. Step one is to make sure everyone at that table can pass the one question test. "Where was the President born." Anyone who fails that test should be fired, but at a minimum, barred from participation in any meaningful discussions.

    It's amazing just how few (3 so far that I can count) SERIOUS and thoughtful replies to this thread there have been. It almost seems that without personal attacks or social distress we have nothing to talk about... even when faced with the amazingly detrimental economic situation described in the OP. Truly fascinating. Seems more true to me than ever that most on the left either A) fail to recognize the depth and seriousness of the problem at hand, B) don't care or aren't willing to make the necessary cuts to maintain economic sanity, C) are too busy playing petty politics (the blame game) worrying about who caused the problem instead of who's going to fix it. It seems that unless the threads directly pit right vs. left, no one cares enough to engage intellectually and make progress towards a solution. Anyway, thanks to the posters above who actually contributed... I may not agree with your suggestions, but at least your in the arena.

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  • interlaced
    Oct 31, 12:08 PM
    Ahahahahahah. WOW. Between the confusion of 2GB Shuffles, Chundles's engraving suggestions and Snowy_River's picture, this thread has officially made my day.

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  • kretzy
    Dec 23, 06:42 AM
    That's great!...a summary of Windows in one little avartar!:p

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  • alphaod
    Apr 25, 07:12 AM
    I plan to sell my black one and buy the white one.

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  • mac-help
    Mar 7, 10:12 AM
    Hopefully this won't be regarded as Spam, but if anyones interested there is a new site at ( very personal, friendly, free...

    best wishes


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  • MattZani
    Dec 24, 01:51 PM
    Just saw my GF and did presents, she got me

    :D :D :D

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  • XIII
    Dec 6, 04:18 PM
    Up for sale is an Xbox 360 Core, still sealed, UK PAL. I will ship the the UK, and the UK only. It is currently on eBay here ( The right offer here (I realise my Buy it now price in the auction isn't realistic) wins it, and I will cancel the auction. Alternatively, you can bid the in auction. I have no specific price in mind, just make an offer - worst I can do is reject it.



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  • AhmedFaisal
    Apr 13, 07:15 PM
    where did i infer that blacks using the word was acceptable?

    The way you wrote it kinda implies it... (bold emphasis mine below).

    but yeah if a white person called me a n word i'd be mad so the same applies here.

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  • Doju
    Apr 25, 07:44 AM
    You know, in Keynote, how it sometimes defaults to all capital letters, and even if you use shift, or caps lock, it stays that way for some reason? That's great for aesthetics, but it's keeping that through the slides.

    Is there a way to turn it off? I changed the font to Helvetica and it still does it.

    EDIT: Nevermind. Format > Font > Capitalization > Off

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  • gkarris
    Nov 23, 10:44 PM
    Discussed here:

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  • Relg3!
    Jul 31, 11:44 PM
    Mine Source >

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  • barnetda
    Jan 15, 08:57 AM
    ANy link for the keynote speech please?

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  • eva01
    Sep 24, 04:23 PM
    Er, not necessarily. Age of consent laws vary widely... in most jurisdictions, an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old can pretty much do whatever they want.

    really, well i did not know that, go figure.

    Apr 6, 01:25 PM
    12 Petabytes doesn't seem like all that much. I have a 2TB drive sitting on my desk, and this would be like 6,000 of my drives. Doesn't seem like that much when you think about the amount of customers they are likely to be serving.

    Is that the car from back to the future? Those movies were great :)

    Younger Dr. Emmett Brown: [running out of the room] 1.21 gigawatts? 1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!
    Marty McFly: [following] What-what the hell is a gigawatt?

    Jan 12, 04:00 PM
    I like the new front end design on VW's cars.

    Apr 6, 12:01 PM
    Per wikipedia, 1 Petabyte = 1000 terabytes

    The better tidbit from Wikipedia is that Data from Star Trek had a capacity of 100 petabytes. So, Apple has a ways to go until they get something really interesting. iData?

    Petabytes didn't exist in my dictionary until today. Thank you, MacRumors.

    And it's a new one for the dictionary in Chrome on Windows, too. Petabyte gets the little red squiggly underline. But Safari on the Mac is hip to the lingo and knew the spelling.

    Jul 13, 04:46 AM
    You know when you start up your mac for the first time the music plays as welcome written in all those different languages goes by? Well does anyone know what song is playing during that? I really like the song and I was hoping someone maybe knows.

    Night Spring
    Apr 17, 03:05 PM
    How are you trying to add apps/music, and what happens when you try? Please post any error messages you get, etc.

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