Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • hulugu
    Mar 24, 02:28 AM
    I'm not blaming woman for being raped, don't get me wrong. In fact i know that a lot of times it doesn't matter what the attire is.
    I'm just saying that it increases your chances of getting raped if you're wearing inviting gear. (If the rapist has a sexual desire [that's what i'm talking about])

    It's like showing off your Rolex watch while walking by a dangerous area known for robbery and crime.
    Should you be robbed? No. But mother always said not to walk around showing off your latest bling in dangerous places. That's the point i meant to make, rape is horrible and a disgusting crime. Don't get me wrong, i don't blame the victim. ...

    The logic remains problematic. It's like arguing that someone who was just in a car accident increased their chance of getting hurt by driving on the road in the first place. You are indeed blaming the victim.

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  • 100Years
    May 2, 11:14 PM
    Anyone here able to get this card working with Lion? I'm running Lion DP2 (with all current updates), and I can't get it working in my 2010 Mac Pro -- nothing I plug in, is being recognized.

    Interestingly though, if I go into the 'PCI' section of the system profiler, the card show up properly (even showing that the driver is installed).

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  • azurehi
    Mar 23, 01:51 PM
    Its funny how every position at Apple is either a Vice President or Senior Vice President of something... hehe..

    It's like the FBI...Everyone is a Special Agent. Whoops, guess They opened a file on me now, or added to my present one :eek:

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  • mrgreen4242
    Nov 29, 03:10 PM
    Your argument is kind of self-annihilating:

    You say competition is tough... implying that there are a multitude of capable actors. i.e. Supply is high. This, in turn, would imply that capable actors are (or should be) a dime a dozen. However, Hollywood acts as though the A-List is all there is... which, if doing so, constricts supply to a significantly smaller population, therefore creating an artificially high demand for which they, subsequently, have to pay through the nose for... which WE now have to pay through the nose for. And for what? For a non-sensical, elitist, Movie Star ecosystem (an industry which alone brings in millions, if not billions).

    If there are as many struggling good actors as you say there are (and I hope there are), I for one would LOVE to see them. I'm sick of the same 8 actors... Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell, Johnny Depp... At least one of these seem to be in 90% of films these days. Some fresh blood would be nice... and easier on the checkbook.


    Juat to play devils advocate, nearly all the names on your list are relative newcomers to the "A-List". Excepting Pitt, Roberts, and MAYBE Depp, none of those people were big in the '90's. They did mostly smaller budget, less successful films. Up till the mid-90's Pitt was in only handful of OK movies, and really didn't get HUGE 'till after Fight Club or Interview with a Vampire.

    What has Julie Roberts been in lately? Not seen her around in a year or two, in anything big at least. Depp was doing TV through the middle of the last decade, and only got MEGA famous in the late 90's.

    Sure, those people are big ATM, but they weren't 10 years ago and they won't be in 10 years either. Yes, Hollywood relies to heavily on a big name to sell a crappy product, but they DO rotate those big names somewhat frequently.

    Also, while paying someone, say, $20million for a movie is pretty nuts, there's a few things to consider. One, some movies NEED to give you a reason to go see it; doesn't mean they're BAD movies but more that they are a hard sell. Two, that's a fairly small portion of the budget. Let's say we can make a movie for $100m and we pay Tom Cruise $25m to be in it. We could pay some smaller, but equally talented unkown actor a mere $1m to do the same job.

    So $100m cost vs. $81m cost. $81m is still a LOT of money to invest in something (and lets face it, movies are simply an investment). Spending a "little" more on Cruise isn't a bad insurance policy for your investment, especially if you (a studio) are doing 10 major movies this year, representing a billion dollars all together.

    So, while I'm not trying to defend the studios business methods or choices, I can certainly see why they make them.

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  • mpossoff
    Feb 9, 05:07 PM
    Probably cause they want to shakedown all the non-unlimited messenger customers with a new tiered messaging structure.

    Perhaps, this new feature isn't a bad deal with A-List, etc.

    Now if I had only more than 1.5 bars and an iPhone that didn't go toaster hot (not cylon) :D when I try to use it on the first floor of my home.

    So when do you think the LTE Microcell(s) will arrive? [off topic]

    It would be for me cause I have my google voice number on my a list.

    I then have the GV app.

    With the GV app I get unltd outbound and inbound calling to any number landline or mobile.

    I no longer use my AT&T number but my GV number.

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  • MattWylde
    Oct 9, 03:23 PM
    Well i can find the app in the store via search, but when I try to "click" the app to go the screen to buy it, my iPhone tells me "Your request cannot be completed".

    I find it extremely lame that others can already download this app, yet for some reason I cannot. WTF Apple?

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  • j.larsen
    May 2, 01:37 AM
    Do you ever question your life
    Do you ever wonder why
    Do you ever see in your dreams
    All the castles in the sky :)

    Well, I'm pretty happy with my

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  • Hisdem
    Oct 10, 11:08 PM
    ^What did you use to make the menubar black? I see you have white icons and not the silver ones included in the maxthemes one. :p

    And updating, with black menubar and GeekTool.

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 4, 10:52 AM
    You are obviously missing the point. Apple's new subscription model is preventing choice from coming to it's customers. How is that not a bad thing?

    How many people here want to choose to get tons of junk mail delivered to their house?

    Raise your hand if you'd take that option.

    Serious quesion. If most posters here raise their hands then I'll shut up and say you were right.

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  • PhoenixMac
    Mar 21, 06:23 PM

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  • badnewz
    Jun 23, 05:27 PM
    Anyone else heading here I'll be there around midnight

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  • tsvb
    Nov 29, 09:20 AM

    I was curious as to why we can no longer click on a sub-forum link? If I am currently in the "Site and Forum Feedback" forum and want to go to the "Mac Community" sub-forum I cannot, it will only allow me to go back to the main index.

    A little confusing I know. Please see the screenshot, I would like to be able to click on the highlighted link.

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  • klaze
    Apr 21, 08:39 PM
    Hi, I just purchased the 13 Air few days ago. I noticed when choosing which drive to choose at beginning (OSX or Win7), under the 2 drives is a list of available Wifi's.

    What's the point of that?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 28, 07:11 AM
    It would be really weird if Pegatron don't get a lot more information, and sooner, about Apple's product cycle than people reading tech blogs. The earlier released expected numbers were most likely already based on a new iPhone being released later this year.

    Also, potential buyers of iPhones aren't scouring tech blogs for rumors about when the next iPhone will be launched. Nor do I see salespersons advice them to wait until September.

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  • NoSmokingBandit
    Oct 10, 08:55 AM
    I havent posted mine here in a while.

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  • asphalt-proof
    Apr 21, 09:47 AM
    That isn't entirely true. iPhone 1,1 (and soon iPhone 1,2) users can't run all apps. Anything that requires 4.0 (probably 4.3~5.0 for iPhone 1,2) won't run. Neither will things that require a certain amount of horsepower (say like Infinity Blade).

    REALLY? You're going to throw a 3 and 4 year old phone into the argument? Fine. How many old Android phones can run all the available apps. Heck, how many Android phones less than a year old run all the apps available?:rolleyes:

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  • *LTD*
    Mar 31, 05:49 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    There's a remarkable amount of shortsightedness in this thread. But that's typical of the entire generic Wintel/PC world. No imagination. No ability to see possibilities as development of Post-PC era hardware continues. Or rather, iPad development.

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  • milatchi
    Mar 31, 10:47 PM
    I'm thinking about it:
    I already have my prized Macintosh Plus but this one has more RAM and is a little different, but it would look good next to my other Plus and my Classic.

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  • stevietheb
    Nov 11, 01:13 AM
    From what I gather, it's just like LaunchBar, no?

    I haven't messed with it a whole lot, so I don't know all its ins and outs, but it seemed to be doing a similiar thing (brings up applications/files as you type).

    Not bad, although if they are the same idea, I prefer launch bar - just wish it was free ;)

    Except QuickSilver is free.

    I don't remember LaunchBar too well, I tried it about 9 months ago. Quicksilver has some really neat features. I find it *ESSENTIAL*

    Mar 10, 11:14 PM
    Was hoping to get the straight goods on PC video editing and PC gear suggestions. What websites out there do you use to get your fix on the dark side?


    Apr 28, 08:46 AM
    i agree with many of the sentiments here, and this is why i think its wrong to assume that the white iphone 4 needs "breathing room" before the next generation (which by all accounts isn't going to be an aesthetic change anyway, just a processor bump).

    its partly apple's own fault for having created almost a "tradition" of summer iphone releases, that are so heavy promoted in the media that everyone starts expecting them, even those who don't read these sites or know what a wwdc even is.

    i'm not saying that it won't in fact be a fall release, and apple probably was hoping these interim releases would energize sales in the meantime. if anything though, they're just mitigating an already trickling demand.

    now for my personal rant: i was foolish and bought a iphone 3g 2 months before the iphone 3gs was announced. add to that the fact that all the carriers in canada lock you into outrageous 3 year contracts, and i'm left with hardware that struggles with/can't run the current OS and is going to feel even more comparatively crippled as ios5 and other smartphone os's evolve. (feature lust aside, the basic functions of the phone become tortoise slow with the newer os's, and carriers require you to upgrade to the newest software available for your phone if you want any support from them) and there's nothing i can do about all that. canada may be a uniquely ****** market with these ultra-long contracts, but you can sure as ***** bet i'm never again going to buy the year old tech. it may seem "good enough" at the time, but you have to think ahead to how they'll bog down the OS over the next 3 years.

    Chip NoVaMac
    Feb 23, 07:10 PM
    It's amazing what you can find with a search ( of the forums.

    And equaling amazing is when some of us do a search and find the same thing you pointed out, but things don't add up.

    If you noticed the counts seemed to be based on the 5's and 500's. So by the thread you so conveniently linked too, you and I are behind the numbers mentioned.

    This will be come mute when we can contribute to be "demi-god" or what ever.

    Hopefully it won't matter for both of us when we can but our money where our typing is. :D

    Mar 30, 06:16 PM
    didn't know that. i've use some 6200s before, but have never owned/used a MDD... wonder why it won't work? did you tape the pins, tried all the other tricks? voltage problem perhaps?!? learn something new every day around here. long live PPC!

    I didn't do the pin covering on my 6200. I bought it from that same vendor but reflashed it myself with a faster ROM. He did the pin work and I reflashed it. On both that sellers auctions and others as well as other 6200 for Mac info I have read they all say no MDD support. Must be something to do with voltage or pins. It's AGP 4x like the Digital Audio and Quicksilver which work with the 6200. Strange..

    The more common Geforce 6200 ROM's for Mac are downclocked a bit as about half the 6200 Mac market or more are used in G4 Cubes. This is obviously done to lower heat. The GPU runs at 300MHz on the Cube/common ROM and 350mhz on the ROM I reflashed with. The VRAM is 533MHz on both ROM's.

    Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 29, 03:28 PM
    Meanwhile in the world of tablets, RIM is having problems:

    Earlier this week it was a breakout of sudden playbook death syndrome.

    Now the company can't deliver its phones and the CEO is having a hard time with questions about security:

    Poor RIM. I think the end is near.

    Sounds like everything Apple just went through with Antenna-Gate and the White iPhone 4. It happens to everyone.

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