Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • MacBytes
    Oct 13, 12:57 PM (

    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: Apple Awarded 'Anti-Sexting' Patent (
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  • Eriden
    Apr 28, 07:28 PM
    3-5 years in the future, before either side's claims get to trial, FT, IBJ, and WSJ will be reporting on an out-of-court settlement with undisclosed terms.

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  • ThereGoesJB
    May 2, 03:28 PM
    i have an 80gb ipod classic, when i eject it from my computer it says "ok to disconnect" ... and then a meter goes across the screen and it goes into the normal (usable) screen.

    so is it ok to disconnect when it says "ok to disconnect"

    or do i have to wait for the meter thing to fill?

    this isnt even a big issue its just sort of a pet peeve that i have, for the record i usually just wait the 5 seconds for the meter to fill. its just weird that it tells me its ok before the meter starts.

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  • Oh-es-Ten
    Mar 23, 10:42 AM
    [bertrandSerlet release];

    Brilliant! :)

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  • kdarling
    Apr 27, 09:19 PM
    Well, it looks like it wasn't a bug after all. It was coded as per the patent application. :D

    Unfortunately not :)

    The patent includes optional implementations where:

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  • luckystriked
    Oct 16, 12:03 PM
    my 3 hyperspaces.

    all from

    can you give me the link to the one in the right? I can't find it!

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  • livingfortoday
    Jun 27, 08:44 PM
    Okay! Okay.

    I understand that you don't particularly feel like buying a pre-licked router.

    So now only $10 shipped! That's a hell of a deal!

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  • Grade
    Dec 12, 08:13 AM

    That is awsome. Can you give me the link?

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  • Nermal
    Sep 9, 05:54 PM
    and maybe it has already been addressed

    It has.

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  • nefan65
    Dec 28, 08:09 AM
    The IT Business climate is changing. In 5 years it won't matter what you're using; Mac, Windows, iPad, Linux, Android, et-al. Applications will become both more Web-Centric than ever, as well as the ability to virtualize the app to run on anything [ala Citrix XEN APP'ish]. That doesn't mean PC's, and/or Mac based systems with horsepower won't be needed, they will. However, the whole idea of locking systems down, and GPO's will be moot. People will be able to work in the office, at home, or on the road with whatever they want. It's already started. Some larger companies are giving their users stipends for systems. They give them an allowance of "X Dollars" and they can buy what they want.

    As for this thread; anyone that says Mac's cannot live in an Ent environment, PC's are cheaper, or Macs have a higher TCO than their PC counterparts [which is a great buzz work to toss around, but 90% of IT people that use that term rarely understand it's full meaning] is rubbish. The days of a single system type across the enterprise are gone my IT friends. The new mantra is give the users the tools they need to get their jobs done, and allow them to be proficient....

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  • HMFIC03
    Apr 4, 01:18 PM
    You see? This is the problem when there's no competition. Pretty soon we'll have three main carriers (ATT, Verizon and Sprint). One of them decides to increase prices, then the other will follow suit. I'll go with an iPod touch and a paid phone once my contract is up. Screw them all!

    Agreed, more the competition the better - The consumers always win. :D Now only if Sprint could get the iphone. Then maybe those numbers of androids that is rising in market would shrink compared to the number of iPhones.

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  • Corey Grandy
    Dec 26, 05:34 PM
    Occasionally my MacBook Pro gets a little uncomfortable and hot when I'm away from my desk, glad to have this now.
    Lots of awesome shirts, some plaids (not pictured), a great jacket and two shirts from DistrictLines as well.
    A bunch of games and whatnot. Guitar Hero II was something I actually never had and my mother came across it for $2 at Best Buy. Can't beat that deal.
    The coolest gift card ever.
    Parents had this poster mounted for me, all in all (poster and mounting) it was less than $20.
    And this is the grand finale. I had never wanted to drop the money on an iPad, but I always wanted to try one out. I absolutely love it. Hopefully the 3G won't cost too much ;)

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  • backinblack875
    Dec 5, 11:04 PM

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  • Sun Baked
    Sep 24, 05:03 PM
    I would have to say, I wouldn't let YOU do it. :D

    Just because, I don't think this forum should ever be used as something to toss in your parents face.

    Whether or not you like your parents decision, you have to respect it.

    It's not worth fighting about, since there is so much to look forward to in the future.

    It's not like you don't have time on your side.

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  • Ropie
    Sep 9, 05:06 PM
    Thanks m8 :)

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  • iJonWitham
    Jun 19, 01:56 AM
    have a personal shop booked for 10am, so will be gone by 11, I hope.

    Good good !! See you there !

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  • AhmedFaisal
    Apr 13, 07:19 PM
    Sorry for the confusion i wsd trying to compsre it to a straight person using the f word as a racist would use the n word.

    fair enough.

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  • shk718
    Apr 28, 06:03 AM
    apparently apple needs to educate the local news programs better. my local nbc news reporter in nyc just said that "the iphone does send tracking information back to apple".

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  • roadbloc
    Apr 1, 09:33 AM
    Click for biggeh.

    Oct 5, 04:38 PM (

    A recent posting on an Apple developer's blog ( Musings from Mars depicts new Safari features built into the latest developer preview of Leopard. As of this posting, MacRumors cannot independently verify the claims, however the blogger posts multiple video clips of the features. The blogger highlights the following features:

    Tabbed Browsing Enhancements
    Following the lead of other browsers, Apple has implemented a customizable tab-bar so that users can re-order tabs via drag-and-drop. Apple has also extended the concept to be able to make a window from a tab by dragging a tab off of the tab bar.

    Search Improvements
    The Safari search option is now integrated into the browser window much like Firefox's implementation. However search results are displayed all at once by default rather than Firefox's one-at-a-time approach.

    Resizable TEXTAREAs
    Safari will allow the user to resize a text area (via a drag corner) in an HTML form and dynamically redraw the web page to fit the new size.

    Leopard was previewed ( at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference, and should ship next spring.

    Feb 15, 12:19 PM
    Amazing set of icons! Could you tell me where to get them?:)

    Litho System indeed.

    Doctor Q
    May 2, 04:49 PM
    The eligibility rules in the U.S., which are observed by the Red Cross and other blood donation centers, are very broad in eliminating groups with risk factors, the same way your zip code or your sex might affect your insurance rates. So I can understand why safe or unsafe individuals are frequently misclassified under the rules.

    What's frustrating to many, however, is that the FDA is so slow to update out-of-date rules based on what the science shows. I've read the research reports that show that the lifetime ban on most gay men is too strong a restriction. Whether it's intentional discrimination or bureaucratic sluggishness, they are ruling out many safe and willing donors in the name of safety. Some people blame the Red Cross, but those who want to effect change should lobby the FDA instead.

    The questionnaire I have to fill out each time doesn't ask about sexual orientation, only about sex, but other donor centers might phrase the same questions inappropriately, implying that the rules are about being gay at all. I'd complain if I saw that. But it wouldn't change the rules, only the interview.

    As far as the MacRumors Blood Drive goes, we don't want controversies like this to prevent eligible donors from donating now. That's why we ask those who can't donate, for any reason, to help with publicity and encourage others to donate.

    Nov 26, 11:10 AM (

    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: iPad on the US Refurb Store (
    Description:: none

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    Sep 10, 08:07 PM
    I've attached it because when I usually post it, it comes out too big.

    Anyway you could provide the original? I searched on google but wasn't able to find this one?

    thx in advance

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