Friday, May 20, 2011

Fat People Prom Dresses

Fat People Prom Dresses. fat people unite
  • fat people unite

  • coconn06
    Nov 1, 10:54 AM
    Adium, Netnewswire lite, Romeo, KTA Tennis, Mactracker, Poisoned, Skype, VLC, MPlayer... :cool:

    MS Office :D (oops) :eek:

    It would be useful (this is not addressed just to you, Amigo) if instead of just listing a bunch of programs you gave a quick description of what each program does, like AL did in his original post. Links would be helpful, as well.

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  • runlsd
    Dec 15, 01:43 AM
    thanks! I was hoping however that it would be a free solution. :(

    I don't remember paying anything for those. Look them up if you have the time. If I knew how to take just the icon out of the set and post it, I would. Sorry.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 25, 01:32 AM
    Once you go white, you never go back.

    Your rhyme needs work. How about...

    Once you go white, you are delivered from benight.

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  • skunk
    Apr 4, 06:44 PM
    Again, i said it happens regardless of what they're wearing, but i was talking about reducing the chance of sexual assault.No, you said (above) that men would "stop the sexual assaults".

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  • DarkForces
    Apr 4, 11:37 AM
    This is rather amusing. People rush out to buy cheesy $30 iPhone Bumpers that cost .10 to make or some other overpriced case and have no issue. Many even buy multiples before they decide on one.

    But ATT raises the cost of a early upgrade phone by $50 and people go bonkers.

    1) It's an early upgrade. Do you really need to upgrade your phone sooner than every 18 months? If you do, that is your decision as a consumer. You certainly have no God given right to a cheap upgrade though. Stop whining.

    2) Inflation is here. Deal with it. Have you been to the grocery store lately? It's the price we pay when the Fed prints money like Chinese knock-offs.

    3) Last I checked the government enacts laws regarding the cell phone industry and also regulates the frequencies. There has never been anything stopping either congress or the executive branch or independent commissions from imposing rules to require cellcos to unlock phones after x months of service or to require them to sell unlocked phones.


    So true.

    People sure do whine a lot.

    Fat People Prom Dresses. fat people unite
  • fat people unite

  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 27, 07:37 PM
    Haters will and always hate.

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  • jbanger
    Sep 1, 02:06 AM
    Another Month, Another new desktop (for a wee while) :)

    that seriously hurts my eyes :eek:

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  • BornToMac
    Sep 1, 05:46 AM
    Sticking with my Miami Heat summer theme, again:

    That guy better look out... It looks like that cloud is getting ready to rain on his head. ;)

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 28, 09:15 AM
    Name 1 Android device with sales figures like the iPhone 4.

    That's not what my point is about. Did I argue that iPhone 4 isn't the top selling phone? It is.

    But iOS is slipping and every time people starts saying wait for iPhone #, then iOS will gain again. iPhone # is released, it doesn't happen, people start talking about iPhone #+1.

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  • tktaylor1
    Feb 7, 12:39 PM
    Sweet shot; your own?

    no. i found it on google and then tweaked it a little bit

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  • walnuts
    Mar 25, 10:51 AM
    Yeah- this looks to be a bummer for us folks with iOS devices. Apple will have to devote a bunch of resources just to bring their own maps implementation to be as good as google's, the better version on android not withstanding. As someone else pointed out, apple will still need to get maps from somewhere, no matter how good their implementation.

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  • braddouglass
    Apr 6, 03:29 PM
    12 PB... that's like, what?... 1,200,000,000 songs? hahahaha

    OR uhhh just a guess? 12,000,000 HD Movies?

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  • Vegasman
    Apr 27, 12:49 PM
    Apple's attitude about this stuf has always been very positive. I'm totally willing to believe that all this stuff was an oversight since believing that matches what they've said in the past.

    Weren't they made aware of this almost a year ago? That's a long time to address an oversight.

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  • diotav
    Oct 14, 02:23 PM

    Clickable | 2560x1440

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  • teguh123
    Apr 14, 05:20 AM
    Is this code correct

    @implementation Vehicle +(id) vehicleWithColor:(NSColor*)color {
    id newInstance = [[[self class] alloc] init]; // PERFECT, the class is // dynamically identified
    [newInstance setColor:color]; return [newInstance autorelease];
    } @end

    Why use [self class]

    I thought self already points to the class on static methods (the ones with +)

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  • turbobass
    Apr 17, 02:40 PM
    Veencey but its slow
    Got Veency and yeah it's too slow, also it gets these weird flashing square artifacts of video when I'm in a game. Hmmmm...

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Dec 7, 12:53 AM
    i'm still new to macs, what themes(?) are you using to get the date,temperatures and current song on your desktop ? it looks amazing

    those arent themes. the temp and weather are done by using GeekTool (

    HERE ( is the thread on this site describing all the scripts that are used.

    and the iTunes info is done by using BowTie (

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  • iAndrea
    May 3, 04:32 PM
    Seems like every time I update iOS I get the cable image on my iPhone and I have to do a complete restore. It always seems like I have to do a few strange steps and I don't always get all my apps back.

    Is there a trick?


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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 19, 12:53 PM
    I wonder what the equivalent weight would be for these (! :)

    Sep 5, 05:56 PM (

    How can I get the time and the weather on my screen like that??? Thanks!

    Jan 13, 03:59 PM
    I wanted to be bad, I would point out that VW seems to be betting a lot money that what Americans want in a car is bigger and cheaper (in both senses of the word)...

    But that might be considered baiting an easy target.... :rolleyes:

    Apple OC
    Mar 26, 09:19 PM
    outcome ... the buyer will not have to pay and the seller will get booted from eBay

    Apr 21, 07:50 AM
    I disagree.
    "The ONLY thing that matters in these kind of numbers is whether or not you can run an application on it." ---If it cant make a call its a different device PERIOD.

    Those are all phones. By your logic, you prove my point. By your logic there are 10 different iOS devices , are you saying that THEY -"are not the same thing or related in any relative way" ?

    PS : I love my iPhone but it is not my leader. Apple is cool but I don't jump up and down for any and every Pro- Apple story I can drink down. This chart is BS...IMHO

    You are creating an artificial distinction between the products. It doesn't matter to a potential developer because they know if they release to iOS, it's going to go on ALL iOS products but maybe not all ALL android products. Certainly not to a tablet. This is what the article is focusing on. You are very narrowly looking at one data point. And even the construction of your argument for the interpretation of that data point is flaw when you decide to compare one manufacture of iOS to all manufacturer's of Android. If HTC can only sell only a few units of an Android phone, then they may drop the platform and look somewhere else for a better os. (Not saying HTC is in that boat. I know they sell a bunch... just a thought experiment). to only one feature.

    It's NOT about Android phone vs. iphone and not iphone products. It's about platform vs. platform.

    Aug 10, 07:28 PM
    Thats awesome:D:D

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