Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Funny Pics Of Owls

Funny Pics Of Owls. Stoned Owls
  • Stoned Owls

  • Grade
    Aug 17, 06:04 PM
    First post here.

    Nice way to start at the forum.

    I like the picture very much.

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  • Owls..

  • clank72
    Mar 31, 12:28 PM
    Waist of time.

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  • Spotted Owls

  • IngerMan
    Apr 17, 05:15 PM
    Why the difference posted on console vs AJA? This was done on my MBA 13 TS128SSD.
    Write 186.2 AJA vs 197.89 Console
    Read 205 AJA vs 217.61 Console

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  • iLikeMyiMac
    Aug 18, 04:17 PM

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  • Posted by johnwiltshire at

  • Doctor Q
    Apr 18, 05:43 PM
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  • Friday, September 17, 2010

  • rhodest
    Nov 27, 10:46 PM
    sorry, i thought i put that in there. Its a single 733 processor and the stock video card

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  • Owls I just love them .

  • wordoflife
    Dec 9, 08:24 PM

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  • funny pictures of cats with

  • PeterQVenkman
    Apr 27, 01:13 PM
    FACT: Apple doesn't access the database cache

    Is that a fact because Apple said so? Or because someone can actually prove it?

    Their software patents would at least suggest they planned on using it.

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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 21, 10:40 AM
    Here's an extra avatar for you today, Vector:

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  • Biscuit411
    May 1, 06:41 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    This instantly made me think of Laputa: Castle in the sky as well as the Laputa in gulliver's travels.

    This is great news if it means the end of mobile me. Die Mobile Me - DIE DIE DIE. Anything will be better than the self centered sounding I simply will not use the email address in a professional context. Don't mind, and still use it, but sends the wrong message.
    Also, this.

    As big a fan of the film, and Miyazaki, as I am, I'm not sure the end of the film would make for a good analogy!! 'Store your data with Apple: watch it crumble into the sea or float off into space!' :)
    That's already happening. I got an email from Apple tonight telling this was the last reminder they were going to give me to update my calendar on the MobileMe systems to the new version otherwise I'd lose the ability to sync it and wouldn't be able to view it online, either. Which sounds like they're going to delete it for all intents and purposes. :rolleyes:

    I bet the only reason it's required I click something to perform this update is because it entails agreeing to a new EULA with some nefarious new terms or requires I start using the newest version of iCal to sync with the online calendar (which, coincidentally, isn't available for the version of OSX I have, which coincidentally requires me to buy a new Mac to run). :rolleyes:

    I'm in the same 'no iCal sync unless new Mac' boat as SeaFox. I can't even upgrade my iPhone or wife's iPod touch without a new computer. I know tech marches
    on, but it still sucks. Come on new Mini!

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  • funny owl, funny owls, keke,

  • glocke12
    May 4, 05:16 PM
    Yep, that's what I think. He should have been interrogated, but not with "enhanced" methods.

    But don't you think there is a difference between your typical criminal/murderer, and someone like KSM who is a terrorist leader/organizer and has first hand knowledge of terrorist networks?

    Seriously, I somehow doubt that asking him nicely to tell us what he knows would have worked.

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  • Owlcat, - Lolcats #39;n#39; Funny

  • psychometry
    Oct 5, 05:44 PM
    I did, in fact, mean using JavaScript on page load to disable the user from changing the size of the textarea, not within my browser. It's like using CSS to disable the dotted border Firefox puts around links when they are active.

    Form elements, and the divs that contain them, often need either fixed widths or have widths that are proportional to their containers.

    Take Google ( Depending on how the layout is set up (this is just hypothetical), resizing the search box would push those three links next to it off into oblivion if they were all in a div that was fixed or proportional to the page width. It doesn't matter if Safari "dynamically redraws the page" since the div would still be calculated to be the same. Worse yet, depending on its overflow attribute, they could be pushed onto a new line.

    I'd really not like to see Safari become the next IE 5. It already has its share of JavaScript bugs. This would just mean us designers would have to spend that much more time envisioning what would happen if a user resized every form element on every page and incorporating it into our layouts. This is why I hope there's a way to disable it outright.

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  • mcmlxix
    Mar 25, 11:42 AM
    I've been thinking about that: remember when there were rumors of OS X delays because the Mac team was pulled onto the iOS team in order to get 3.0 out? I'm wondering if the opposite is happening now - the iOS team has been pulled onto the Lion team in order to get Lion ready for a summer launch.

    This begs another question.

    I know Apple likes to have very agile teams that can be pulled into whichever project needs the most attention at the time, but if OS X is taking a hit because of iOS, iOS is taking a hit because of OS X, iWork hasn�t been refreshed, let alone iWork for iOS, etc, etc, it sounds like Apple just needs more engineers.

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  • Owl.

  • macconservative
    Apr 4, 11:06 AM
    So what is the early upgrade price on Verizon?

    Unless I am mistaken you cannot do early upgrade with Verizon. I thought that you had to wait until like 20 of your 24 months were up otherwise it was full retail price.

    AT&T I think is just trying to make sure that people don't purchase phone, cancel and make money selling to eBay

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  • Lenox makes owl figurines?

  • CubaTBird
    Sep 27, 05:48 PM
    i think what it comes down too is trust.. do you trust your son?

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  • Various species of owls

  • nonameowns
    Mar 20, 11:09 AM
    here is a idea, don't do LD clients. and charge by the hours? cmon that is silly

    get a quote and get client pay a third before working. call that a unrefundable deposit. so that way throughout the process, if for any reasons the client drop out, you still have some money for your time.

    brand identify, website, etc are always least a grand. Professional, even more!

    Funny Pics Of Owls. Yuno love me, Ame? srpatpl
  • Yuno love me, Ame? srpatpl

  • LethalWolfe
    Nov 12, 09:54 PM
    Yeah I know Apple's policy on low pricing to sell hardware and I think it's brilliant.
    I'm not complaining. On more than one occasion they forced the competition to offer more for less in order to compete and that's a great thing from a consumer perspective.

    I don't know why they drop the software after a while though, discontinuing Shake didn't make any sense.
    I think once Apple saw just how deep down the post production rabbit hole they'd have to go to meaningfully support and develop Shake they decided it would be too much effort for too little return so bye-bye Shake. It was too much of a niche w/in a niche for Apple, IMO.


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  • HiRez
    Mar 31, 10:21 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148a Safari/6533.18.5)

    You post an article about the iPad with video that can't be viewed on an iPad? Thanks.

    Funny Pics Of Owls. er, the second one was
  • er, the second one was

  • Socratic
    May 3, 02:58 AM
    The question asked of heterosexuals =/= asked gay and bisexual men. The risk factor for straight people is risky sex, the risk factor asked for gay men is not risky sex, but sex at all - even once. Its not the same thing. If there was no bigotry behind the question it would be raised this way to all, no matter what orientation "have you had unprotected sex with more than one partner in the last 5 years, if yes have you been tested for HIV?"

    I don't buy it for all the reasons previously given. If it was not a medical issue why is it such a common rule across so many western countries? And why does it not apply to gay women?

    Jun 27, 11:55 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Caf� Macs officially debuts its Mac community website. (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

    Mar 30, 05:57 AM
    Thanks zen.state. I'll look it up once the blasted screen turns up!

    This thread is asking about drive sizes for PPC machines but the thread on the apple site pointed to doesn't seem to answer the question definitively - at least to me but I'm kinda new.

    what is the max drive size for a PPC with with a ATA controller in one of the PCI slots?

    Oct 31, 10:51 AM
    The "true" video iPod is actually MUCH more than a mere iPod. Thus it will take a presentation to discuss what it does, new supporting software, and just as likely, a new supporting service option.

    It's great that Steve Jobs has personal presentations to release new products. But, if you believe it will take a presentation to discuss what the Video iPod does, Apple is not doing so hot on it's product design. How many other companies release products which are so much more complex, yet come with a simple written press release instead of a live presentation? It's a video iPod - I'd guess it plays video and has a interface to do so. Besides, only hard-core Apple fans view the quicktime videos of the presentation. Therefore, most iPod purchasers only get an impression piece from the press that may deal as much with Jobs presentation style as the product itself.

    But, I agree - a Video iPod will have a presentation at it's release. :)

    Mar 20, 11:28 AM
    No. If you take a life, you get to sit in a small dark room for 23,5 out of 24 hours of each day for the rest of your life.

    [WARNING: Faith-based opinion]

    As a Buddhist, I believe that the mental state one has when they die provides the direction for their mind in their next life. Therefore, I support life in prison in order to give the convicted killer every opportunity to improve their mind and realize the error of their actions before they die. It's for both their benefit and the benefit of every being they encounter in their next life.

    [/WARNING: Faith-based opinion]

    Dec 22, 11:03 AM
    So like most people I tried to jailbreak my ipodtouch, but got it stuck on recovery mode, now I cant use my ipod touch, I dont know if I can recover it on itunes (but would rather not) so Im kind of desperate, HELP? :(

    What OS was your iPod on?

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