Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday 35

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  • stevieg83
    May 5, 04:18 AM
    At work we have our internal ethernet network and also wifi.

    The wifi network tends to be that bit quicker because there's not as many users on it. Is there a way that I can tell particular applications to use the wifi network but still be connected to the corporate ethernet?


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  • SheldonCooper
    Feb 3, 09:56 AM
    Here's mine. (

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  • twoodcc
    Jan 26, 02:30 PM
    Hi all,

    Just added a 4.8 GHz i7-2600k folding -bigadv (~ 49000 ppd) to my MacRumors contribution.

    This is being helped by:

    3.8 GHz i7-860 folding -smp 7 -bigadv ~ 22000 ppd
    2.8 GHz i7-860 folding -smp 6 ~ 8000 ppd
    3* GTX 460 ~ 32000 ppd combined
    1* GTX 430 ~ 4000 ppd

    All running in wine under Ubuntu 10.04

    Hopefully I can maintain a reasonably stable 100k ppd, at least until the weather gets warmer when the graphics cards will have to stop.


    nice! thanks for sharing that! it's nice to see what hardware people are folding with.

    i am having trouble with another system now after the move. my last overclock isn't working now for some reason, so back to square 1 again. hopefully i can get it back up again.

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  • RCubed
    Apr 10, 05:07 AM
    We had another photomeet with a local forum today!
    All I took were EVOs!
    Click for pre-edit + Higher Res (
    Click for pre-edit + Higher Res (
    Click for pre-edit + Higher Res (
    Click for pre-edit + Higher Res (
    Click for pre-edit + Higher Res (


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  • rodpascoe
    Sep 27, 06:25 AM
    I have the opposite problem. I get much more spam through to my inbox on my gmail account than I do with .mac . As always, YMMV.

    I discovered 0spam ( about a year ago, check it out, it's dropped my spam count in 4 accounts I have from about 2000 - 2200 a day to less than 5 a week! Works with *any* email accounts webbased or otherwise. Awesome :p

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  • Matthew M.
    Feb 7, 04:12 AM

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  • DoFoT9
    Feb 3, 05:39 PM
    If that's too big for you, try this one ( Lots of sizes to choose from. :)
    oh trust me, i am after the biggest one ;)

    Will post in a minute, But first being a mac virgin lol....
    1. How do I take a screenshot/save?
    a FULL screen shot is.
    - apple (command) + shift + 3
    a selectable screen shot is
    - apple (command) + shift + 4.
    you can take a picture of a window by
    - apple (command) + shift + 4, THEN hitting spacebar.

    all images will save to your dekstop.
    2. I would like to change my dock and the taskbar but unsure how. Im on an eMac G4 running OSX 10.5.8 Leopard....
    in what way?

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  • skunk
    Mar 23, 05:21 PM
    Sorry, i'm not getting your point.Your apparent eagerness to lay blame on the victim is bizarre and highly questionable.

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  • boko
    Aug 1, 10:52 PM
    My current desktop :D

    Link to the original: click me (

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  • HarryKeogh
    Apr 8, 02:16 PM
    ...Now, where's Gauntlet, and I can stop nagging!

    iPad needs Gauntlet badly.

    Anybody? No?

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  • ���h�?
    Oct 18, 11:40 AM

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  • MacBandit
    Nov 10, 09:02 AM
    Meteorologist (

    Best weather utility I've used for the Mac. Stays up in the top right corner of your menu bar, where it displays an icon representing the current weather (ie, raindrops), the location, and the temperature (mine says [Sun icon] Home 62). Click on it to get an extended forecast and more info.

    If you like Meteo your going to love WeatherMenu ( It's free for 30 days. I used Meteo for nearly 5 years but on the first try of this program I jumped ship and even paid the shareware fee. The biggest plus about it is it uses the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations weather pages which is far more accurate (where I live) then which is what Meteo uses now days. Also it puts the moon phase in your menu bar at night.

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  • zen.state
    Apr 5, 03:52 AM
    Yeah must be crossed posts!

    What is weird though is that I just ran geekbench and got a score of 764 with only 256mb ram compared with 732 when I had 512md ram :confused:

    could it be that the dodgy dimm was registering its capacity but hindering the machine in the geekbench tests due to it being faulty?

    Geekbench isn't super consistent with it's scores in my experience. Xbench is even worse. I have seen GB waver as much as 30-40 points in identical situations.

    The best benchmarks for consistency which is exactly what you need in a benchmark:

    Cinebench (CPU and Hardware/Software Graphics)
    SuperPrime (prime number CPU bench)
    PowerFractal (Altivec)
    OpenMark (3D video)
    Let 1000 Windows Bloom (2D video)
    QuickBench (hard disk)

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  • fivepoint
    Mar 3, 02:01 PM
    But where did you come up with 95%? This chart ( seems to disagree with you.

    You indicated that the rich weren't paying their 'fair share.' I responded by pointing out that the top 50% of wage earners pay 95% of the tax burden. That is completely separate (although obviously relative and related) from the tax 'rate' which they pay.

    Btw, post WWII, the top tax rates in this country used to be way up there, like 90%. That was fair imo because after you achieve so much income, how much more do you really need? What does it take to live comfortably- $1M per year, $5M? Shoot I'd be happy with $500k per year.

    Let me get this straight... your definition of 'fair' is that people who make the right decisions in life, who invest in the right ideas, who don't waste their money on immediate pursuits so they can benefit in the long-term, who work hard and earn success, and yes... have a little luck should have their money confiscated by the state? By mob rule? Since you've determined that 'they don't need it', that translates to them not 'deserving' it and you being able to steal it from them via taxation?

    Just trying to clarify... because that's a pretty striking morality scale. However, it's also very similar to something Michael Moore said recently (

    "They're sitting on the money, they're using it for their own -- they're putting it someplace else with no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. We've allowed them to take that. That's not theirs, that's a national resource, that's ours. We all have this -- we all benefit from this or we all suffer as a result of not having it," Michael Moore told Laura Flanders of GRITtv.

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  • Flying Llama
    Aug 14, 07:33 PM
    Don't know why I'm posting this but eh, what the heck? ;)

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  • Melrose
    Sep 9, 01:25 PM
    <Amy Pond snip>

    I find that woman a mite irritating. Nice legs - nice everything - but her mannerisms. Errrg...

    ...and there are way hotter photos of her going around. ;)

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  • ucfgrad93
    Feb 7, 12:25 PM
    On my MBP.

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  • Vegasman
    Apr 4, 01:10 PM
    I don't want THEM having the information. If I sever my relationship with a business (for example, by canceling a subscription) I don't WANT them to pester me to re-sign. I don't want phone calls, mailings, and email. If their computer burps and decides I haven't paid them properly, I don't WANT them pestering me or having debt collectors pester me.

    That would be you. I for example, did not mind when XM radio offered me a 50% off deal for "coming back".

    Just let FT know you don't want to be bothered and let the rest of us get the 50% off deals.

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  • kre62
    Mar 26, 08:49 PM
    Wow, a lot of unethical people on here. This is totally a scam, and the seller relied on the buyer assuming he was a normal upstanding human being who was selling a legitimate product. There is no way that is right, ethical, or moral. The seller deserves to be jailed.

    Oct 31, 01:34 PM
    The battery life point is a good one. I hadn't thought of that (battery life has never affected me since I charge up whenever I get home). They could increase the battery life for the next revisions. So battery life and storage.

    And I guess increased storage could be used as a USB key. I'd like to see them get rid of the dock and go back to the Shuffle plugging right into your USB port. (I think this used to be the case? Never owned a Shuffle.) So useful for file storage. In that case, basically any size Shuffle could be useful.

    maybe a 3rd party company will design a cable/adaptor/thing that you can conveniently carry with the shuffle to use as a flash drive without the need of the dock

    out of the box the 2gen shuffle capabilities as a flash drive are almost useless IMO

    Feb 21, 04:08 AM
    Unless you are in the UK in which case its a large fee.

    Apr 4, 01:20 PM
    thank you, apple, for weeding out the companies whose business model depends on selling my information to junk-mailers.

    This is the kind of 'crazy-steve-jobs-control' i can live with.

    +1 :d

    Aug 3, 08:11 PM
    Here is a zip containing the picture in a range of sizes from John Carey the artists website: (


    Sep 26, 09:23 PM
    This news underscores to me that Mail 2.0 is really only a somewhat decent web interface for your email.

    It's a crime that any application with WYSIWYG support won't allow you to select non-contiguous text to apply formatting.

    Fine and dandy that .Mac is getting an overhaul, but I'm really hoping for some big improvements for Mail in Leopard.

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