Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • ntrsfrml
    Dec 15, 04:43 AM[/img]

    future ex-wife

    link please!!! :)

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  • MacMan86
    Apr 27, 05:21 PM
    I think that is more proof of the fact that it was never a bug. Apple was doing it that way on purpose and the only reason they are claiming it was a "bug" is because they got caught big time.

    The lie is the fact that it is a bug. It was done on propose and right now Apple is just doing CYA.

    Given that the database is a local cache of some information that already exists on Apple's servers, what do Apple have to gain by designing it this way on purpose? Nothing.

    The data in the file is not generated by the phone, it is retrieved from Apple and stored.

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  • samiwas
    Mar 20, 05:07 AM
    yes, it sure seems nice in those prisons.
    Even if it where true, what's wrong with treating prisoners humanely? Shouldn't we try to rehabilitate prisoners so if they are released they don't commit another crime? And in the US at least prisoners can't vote, could you show a source saying that they can it the UK?

    "The IMB considers that the duration and frequency of use of cellular confinement and loss of association were excessive and were indicative of a punitive regime."

    A punitive regime? It's PRISON. It should be a punitive regime.

    The report claimed there was too much emphasis on security and control at the prison and identified a need to focus "much more on the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners".

    Wow. Too much emphasis on security and control?'s PRISON. It's not a summer camp.

    That article sounded a bit too hippie-dippie to me, and I'm pretty darn liberal.

    Prison should be a miserable, dank, depressing place that makes you suffer for what you did. Of course, this is for violent criminals or those who have severely affected other people in a life-altering or life-ending way. Not for drug users, traffic violators, etc.

    If you're in prison for triple homicide, there should be no TV, no internet, no Playstation, no workout facility...nothing. You rot in your cell. If you want rehabilitation and whatnot, figure out some way that still makes the suffering real.

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  • stridemat
    May 2, 05:13 PM
    No, midnight isn't as good a time as any lol. :p

    Um, Vampires. :p

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  • camelsnot
    Apr 7, 12:51 PM
    a shame most of the screen is taken up by the controls. They could've done a better job minimizing those in the UI to provide more screen for the game content.

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  • thunng8
    Oct 3, 10:13 AM
    Yet another Notes hater here.

    I first came across it at work in 1992 or so, back with version 2. We used it for our customer support and sales databases, and the company were still using it in 1999 when I finally left them. By then they were also developing a web-server product based on the current Notes webserver component, and re-launched the company around this product, floating the company to obtain extra venture capital. It was quite frankly the worst performing web server I'd ever seen, and the company folded when the money ran out.

    As part of supporting this junk product I had to pass a Notes exam. For that I learnt how Notes mail handled multiple copies of the same large attachment within multiple mailboxes. I forget the full details, but there was a nightly process that ran through the mail database and consolidated such attachments. It was a horrible mechanism. The previous mail system I came from handled this in a far simpler way by simply using hard links.

    A collegue once ran the then current Notes release under the debug version of Windows 3.1, and had never seen so many reported errors in code.

    I'd also had to integrate Notes (version 4 I believe) into another E-mail sytem via a gateway at a customer. Configuring SMTP to an external source under Notes was a pain, and it took 3 'engineers' about 4 hours to try all of the combinations before we could get it to both send and receive mail.

    I've come across Notes a few times since then. Still horrible.

    The versions you have mentioned are from 10+ years ago. Why are you bringing this up? The Mac will get the latest version ported and I see it as a good thing. Whether you like it or not, Notes is used widely throughout many companies (over 120M "seats" worldwide) and having a modern up to date and supported version for the Mac is good.

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  • jmy2469
    Apr 11, 05:10 PM
    Just ordered new 17" Macbook Pro with antiglare screen and 500 gb 7200 rpm drive,now I need to know how to protect it. What is everyone using? Thanks for the help.

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  • AnalyzeThis
    Nov 20, 09:30 AM
    You need to ask yourselves a questions: How these stores operating? and Why products end up there?

    Apparently, some authorized retailers overstock iPads or could not move projected volume, so they dumped some unsold inventory to Marshalls and TJMax, just to get some cash back, quick.

    Overstocked with iPads??? Not a good news for Steve.

    What is the issue here? iPads are sold in Walmart and Target and nobody complains.

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  • Hrududu
    Jul 11, 12:31 AM
    A well known auction site (

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  • skunk
    May 6, 01:47 PM
    No offence but I think your failing to see the disconnect between my personal position and my historical/political observations.No offence, but if you have two simultaneous positions which are in conflict, you need to make a choice. :)

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  • adk
    Dec 28, 07:09 PM

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  • JasonR
    Feb 9, 12:43 PM
    Hope they do this on verizon as well. Is it unlimited calling TO and FROM cell phones?

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  • franswa za
    Apr 13, 11:51 AM
    gullible people ............ wake up!

    how bored/stupid are you!?

    2012.......... yes.......



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  • Stampyhead
    Sep 25, 11:45 PM
    Check out the reviews on (
    Sounds like some people liked it, others said they got curly paper.

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  • upsguy27
    Mar 16, 12:31 AM
    Recently I had to manually turn my MacBook Pro off after Lion had issues waking from sleep. When I turned it back on, after logging in, the screen just stays stuck at the default mountain wallpaper, with the mouse able to be moved. It never progresses past this point no matter how long I leave it for. Can anyone think of what's wrong/how to fix it? I can boot into Windows fine, which I'm currently typing this on.

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  • Xapplimatic
    Jan 9, 03:57 PM
    What happened to all the software updates?? Guess he's holding that off until next Mac World.. :(

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  • espoo
    Dec 10, 04:01 PM

    How'd you do the dock like that? I've never messed with my icons or dock before but I like how nice and clean that looks.

    check this out ;)

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  • okdaa
    May 3, 03:50 AM
    I started donating blood before I joined MacRumors, sorry :D

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  • SRSound
    Nov 20, 04:38 PM
    Yuck, windows key?

    wow. I didnt even notice that when I made it.

    Elrond39 Yeah, that's what I was going for...

    Jun 12, 04:29 AM
    I just DL'd the demo for Earth Worm Jim and it is awesome. I just wanted to give people a heads up that this was released in case anyone loved this game years ago. It has 4 player co-op but I'm not sure how it works.

    Thanks for the post. I'll have to check it out. Loved EWJ.

    Play Ultimate
    Jan 9, 05:47 PM
    I've been reading a number of comments from a variety of sources since the iPhone runs OSX it is a pocket-size Mac. Applications, Widgets etc will all be written for this device which will all be OSX compatible.

    Laptops and desktops, iLife etc. will all be announced in good time. However the iPhone is a revolutionary device. So much so that RIMM and Palm both fell today on the stock market. The iPhone, like the original iPod, have established a new standard.

    Apr 7, 08:40 AM
    I wonder how many of these posts are trolls? I haven't had any issues whatsoever with 4.3.1. I also didn't have any problems with 4.3; battery life has been absolutely stellar and call performance actually improved in 4.3.1.

    The timing of all these "bitching" posts just seems suspicious.

    I was wondering whether these issues only apply to people who JB their phones? Or perhaps there is some particular app that they all have installed doesn't agree with 4.3.1.

    I too have no problems with 4.3.1

    Feb 23, 09:05 AM
    I don't know any details but if you're getting music without paying for it, I can't help but think its not kosher.

    May 2, 09:58 PM
    19 Negatives for this news. WHAT!?!

    They are helping people man!

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