Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Greetings For Lover

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  • eternlgladiator
    Apr 1, 08:51 AM

    How do you have set up for your date, time, and weather like that? Can you use it with any wallpaper or is it built in? Does it annoy you that your wallpaper has a different time than your system?

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  • semaja2
    Dec 25, 07:58 PM
    Hey guys my new ibook and its batery in coconut battery is reporting werid things like ive does the calbiration and in cocunut it says orginal : 4400mah but the current is 4573mah

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  • bozzykid
    Mar 25, 11:53 AM
    Well, actual road map data and satellite data is all provided by the governments.

    You should tell that to Tele Atlas and Navteq :)

    Satellite data may come from government satellites but most companies do not have the resources to deal with the governments directly for this data. And road data comes from lots of sources but these two major companies have spent years curating it. You can't just buy road data from the government unless you want people driving off cliffs.

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  • Iglio
    Aug 15, 01:02 AM
    Most of these blob icons are custom, PM more for them (

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  • opticalserenity
    Jul 10, 11:49 PM
    I'll be at the Perimeter Mall store around 0700, who else? :apple::apple:

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  • rprebel
    Oct 3, 06:52 PM

    Cool. You're giving me some ideas for next month's desktop:). Great use of Nocturne, too.

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  • Iskender
    Apr 28, 06:29 AM
    Of course it will not be sold better than GSM model. Do Apple realize that most of the people from around the world buying from USA, not from the oficial stores and making jailbreak or so on to use it in their local network, this is because its very expensive outside of the USA. Personally I hate that logic of Apple not to think about rest of the world, if Apple want to be a global brand so the pricing politics should be equal I think. And the second reason is that at the rest of the world there are so little CDMA networks so people won't buy it. Apples marketing strategy is very weird, they release everything late, but sometimes release a new technology like multitouch etc.

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  • gorgeousninja
    Apr 21, 09:12 AM
    Victory? Apple is at war?

    no, it's more like a duck hunt..

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  • mikw4
    Nov 16, 06:01 PM
    Is there anything available for the ipod touch that will let me transfer/view/save pictures off my digital camera? Something like what is available for the ipad? Apple Ipad Camera Connector ( Or will that work with the touch? Thanks.

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  • Intell
    Apr 15, 08:59 PM

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  • 8CoreWhore
    Apr 30, 08:47 PM

    The criticism of the Cloud, is the user is yielding control to someone else.

    But to sell it as, "be the king of your castle" in the cloud, suggest more user control, and security.

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  • rezenclowd3
    Apr 19, 09:09 PM
    ^^^ Really? I think as usual it looks like a booring American car....

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  • WiiDSmoker
    Apr 4, 10:50 AM
    So you enjoy watching them abuse other people, but since it's not you then it's ok?

    What kind of a sick attitude is that? You think it's a good thing that they mistreat their readers? Why? Is it just funny to you or something?

    You are obviously missing the point. Apple's new subscription model is preventing choice from coming to it's customers. How is that not a bad thing?

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  • McGiord
    Apr 9, 02:50 PM
    dont bother with Tempest, I d/l'd for ipad 2 and the graphics are horrible. very dissapointing.

    There are 2 versions: the console version and the arcade machine version.
    The console one is terrible.

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  • unid
    Dec 11, 11:39 AM (

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  • Huntermac
    Jan 16, 01:29 AM
    It is just some software that lets you transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes between your Mac and Garmin units...

    Pretty cool but I thought it might be some great new hardware.. maybe even for Iphone. :(

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  • bmwhd
    Apr 26, 10:11 AM
    Hmm, that would be interesting. Let's see what iFixit will say about that.

    Agreed. All I can say is it looked like the one pictured on the front page here - no grid.

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  • chrono1081
    Nov 17, 11:54 PM
    Blender is free and would do it. there is also Maya, or Cinema 4D.

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  • flatline82
    Oct 9, 03:31 PM
    No original themes...I was worried about this, however...I'm actually surprised :cool: I'm diggin it the way it is :D

    Feb 12, 01:43 PM
    Yeah I have permission to use the iMacs, they're my dad's and brother's, respectively, and they're both into helping out with this project, as my dad's father died of alzheimer's and my brother had cancer recently.

    As far as the new computer goes, I will probably do one this year and the other the next, I just need to figure out which. The MBP would be a high end 15" i7 Sandy Bridge whenever those are ready. The PC would also be an i7 Sandy Bridge (2600k, probably overclocked a little) after the Sandy Bridge is ready again, with a GTX 570 most likely. Although I love building PCs I'm leaning towards getting a new MBP because I travel A LOT (literally half my year is normally spent away from home; I fly for an aerial mapping company) and I would really like to be able to play stuff like Civ V at good frame rates and would enjoy having a little bit more battery life for long airline flights. Not to mention the awesome cpu for compressing my blu ray collection and of course, folding. The kicker will be seeing how the specs for the new MBPs actually shake out, especially the gpu.

    i'm sorry to hear about that. glad that you have joined this project and have them on board as well.

    well hopefully the MBPs are updated sooner rather than later, but who knows with apple. hopefully the iMacs are updated soon too. once you decide on what you're going to do, let us know. if you're building a PC, we'd love to know which parts you're going with, over clocking, etc. if you get a MBP, we want to know what kind of PPD your getting

    Feb 17, 01:02 PM
    uploading is sooooo slow...

    could you post the background, please?

    Jun 23, 06:41 PM
    No. They will be selling them starting at 8am.

    Mar 31, 12:32 PM

    that stuff doesn't look professional to you? by the way, after you're done sketching on the ipad you can transfer it to your computer to refine it!!

    Apr 4, 10:43 AM
    I love how in our industry, when we raise a price, we have to justify it to the customer start to finish, across every presence imaginable, media, events, etc... cost of materials, availability during wartime, tighter environmental standards, labor cost increase, having not made an adjustment to the price in nearly a decade despite inflation and other factors... before we'll be able to make a 5% increase to the price and not lose all our customers.

    It must be nice to be a telecom company and just toss out huge arbitrary pricing changes without any justification.

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