Friday, May 20, 2011

Johnny Depp On The Beach

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  • alphaone
    Feb 13, 01:04 AM
    Weird question, why is F@H showing up as a user level process? I remember it used to show up as a nice process when I ran it last years ago. It's set to idle level in the setup of course and I never noticed till now because it seems to be behaving as a nice process but it's not showing up as one.

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  • Skika
    May 2, 09:18 AM
    Bump, also interested to any suggestions.

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  • Stella
    Apr 4, 02:21 PM
    Email address is required to send me shipping notifications, and iTunes receipts. A Physical address and phone number is required to ship me their hardware I buy and verify which country's App Store I can shop in.

    FT needs my address for what, now? I'm not subscribing to the print edition.

    Why do Apple need an address and phone number to register for free memberships, such as the free developer programmes? An email address and name is good enough. They certainly don't need a phone number - if Apple want to contact they can email. At least, make the address and phone number optional...

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  • pilotkid
    Dec 25, 10:59 PM
    Santa was very good to me this year, like always. My "main" gift was a WiFi+3G Kindle with the Amazon case and a extended two year warranty, I've been wanting this for a while. I also got a bunch of Blu-Rays, lots of Amazon gift cards (according to the package two of them were from my, iTunes gift cards, some cloths, a new tripod for my DSLR, a really nice bracelet, and a few other nice stocking stuffer items.

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  • redshift1
    Apr 14, 01:52 AM
    I don't care for Kobe but when your body is producing adrenaline and endorphins your behavior changes. Very common in basketball and football
    to hear every possible slur imaginable.

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  • whoami
    Apr 27, 05:13 PM
    Try enabling Certificate Revocation checking on your fully updated Mac OS X install and see how long it takes for Mac App Store to show up and how long it then takes to go through the various tabs.

    Also for fun - try enabling password for the screensaver and 60 minute idle logout. Then put your laptop to sleep and come back 60 min later only to have hung login window that accepts no input - works that way every time for me.

    For all the jabs they took at Windows - Apple's is most untested OS after Linux distros. Looks like they only do surface tests - only the defaults are covered.

    just out of curiosity.. do you file bug reports?
    i'm pretty guilty of not...

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 21, 11:07 PM
    Since we're talking about an underlying OS here, I assume they remembered to include the Linux user base as well... including dumb terminals, kiosks, and servers, right? ;)

    Seriously, Facebook runs off of a modified version of the Android OS. Lets not forget to include the 100 million users of Facebook.

    Slightly off topic, does anyone think this site can get anymore pro-apple biased?

    The amount that you're reaching is insane and impressive. I quite enjoy it.

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  • iSaint
    Oct 19, 08:24 PM
    Again, why the comic sans? :(

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  • mr evil brkfast
    Oct 30, 11:54 AM
    I just checked out the USA Apple Store web page and for the basic ibook and powerbook configurations there is a 3-5 day wait.

    Anyone think this is a good indicator that this novemeber 5th date for an update seems a little more possible?

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  • GoKyu
    Apr 1, 09:42 PM
    I don't make a living with Photoshop, but it is a pretty serious side activity of mine, and as I said before, for what it is, Photogene is perfectly adequate for the general iPad user.

    Unless they can add color profiles, different colorspaces other than RGB (LAB, CMYK, et al.), Photoshop for professional use will never get off the ground on a device like this.

    Not to say you should be able to do a complete workflow from import to print on a tablet device, which, at least for now, seems completely unrealistic -- but I would think pros need to be able to import, see colors in a reasonable approximation for proofing or showing to clients, and maybe make spot edits based on client feedback.

    I honestly wasn't too thrilled with Photoshop Express, which is why when I saw Photogene, I was immediately impressed with is features.

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  • techfreak85
    Jan 1, 10:57 AM
    I wonder how many team members don't even know about the passkey/bonus system? Could we up output by educating them about that, as well as client configuration?

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  • RedTomato
    Sep 30, 01:41 PM
    Like most of you, my knowledge of Notes is about 10 years out of date, so I had a look at the wikithing

    Hmm, interesting read. Seems lots of updates recently. Gone from 43 million to 120 million users in the last few years. Quite impressive database based multi-channel document handling and communication app. Useful replication of databases so that work can be done offline, and updated when next online.

    Lots of gotchas tho, see the criticisms in the article. Notable that they only implemented a number-of-unread-emails count in the 2003 edition. :eek:

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  • Apple 26.2
    Apr 7, 05:45 PM
    This is stupid awesome :D

    Just got Missile Command, Asteroids and Tempest.

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  • Doctor Q
    Feb 14, 07:54 PM
    Yes it can be done. When you start the poll, check the checkbox that says
    Allow multiple choice: Give users the ability to select more than one answer
    Users will be able to vote for any number of your poll choices so make sure that your poll explains how many to vote for.

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  • ILikeTurtles
    Mar 21, 07:36 AM

    Just to give a quick backstory; I spent years going back to school for design and at last I've finally acquired my degree. I now have a budding freelance business with a handful of small clients, all of whom are relatively civil, good natured and appreciative of my work.

    Recently a long distance client I really get along with referred me to someone. He hired me to do a logo for his marketing startup. He was pleased with the end result and asked me to take on a second project, designing a mockup for a website that he could then turn over to a developer. He set a time limit of 3 hours, because that's all he could afford. Everything was going fine till about 2 hours in. He liked the direction I was going in, so while I was waiting to hear back I did some small revisions (off the clock), just to satisfy my own design sensibilities. I sent them to him to see what he thought. He suddenly calls me saturday afternoon and from the get go, seems to have an attitude. He wants to go over all the revisions I sent him. So I scramble for my macbook. As I'm going through my folders in search of the files he starts getting flustered and belittling. I offer to call him back in an hour after I've gathered everything and before one of us says something we'll regret, but he wants to stay on the phone and takes an even more offensive tone. I'm a laid back guy, but I had enough and firmly reminded him that I was trying to design a site for him within a 3 hour limit and had been good enough to not bill him for all the phone time he insisted on and had even stopped the clock a couple of times. He then startled to backpedal and complimented me on my work and how fair my pricing was ($25.00 an hour). The conversation went on for about another half hour as in the aftermath we awkwardly discussed the project. I think I did a pretty good job of remaining diplomatic. I've now just about completed the project and now he's talking about having me design a business card:rolleyes: The whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. I know there can always be an element of stress with any type of work is, but that was a bit much.

    Sorry for the rant, but I felt like I needed to vent to fellow designers. Anyone else have any horror stories?:)

    My advice as a designer - CUT & RUN!

    There will be other clients to replace this a-hole.

    Johnny Depp On The Beach. Johnny Depp and his alter ego, Rango. March 18th, 2011 5:45 pm PT. Johnny Depp at the premier of Paramount Pictures#39; quot;Rango.quot; Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty
  • Johnny Depp and his alter ego, Rango. March 18th, 2011 5:45 pm PT. Johnny Depp at the premier of Paramount Pictures#39; quot;Rango.quot; Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty

  • 4JNA
    Apr 17, 10:36 PM
    i had seen every one of the clips EXCEPT the 'The Knowledge Navigator' which i had heard of, but never seen. creepy/amazing to see in the current context of iPad and such..:eek::apple::D

    can't wait for that and a flying car! great work, thanks for sharing.

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  • GGJstudios
    May 6, 06:47 PM
    As an alternative, you can check out the effects available in Photo Booth (assuming you can gather family in front of your Mac for the picture).

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  • zerocustom1989
    Apr 30, 07:50 PM
    (Movie Spoiler):

    As big a fan of the film, and Miyazaki, as I am, I'm not sure the end of the film would make for a good analogy!! 'Store your data with Apple: watch it crumble into the sea or float off into space!' :)

    Lol yea... but maybe that's how all this digital crap is gonna end up anyway!

    Nice avatar btw.

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  • labman
    May 3, 10:00 PM
    youtube just search best, top themes! there are a ton! there are also several threads showing themes apps etc.. if you want to convince them let them play with yours. I love mine but I also feel it's not for everybody. Also if you take jailbreaking away I'm out!

    Apr 9, 10:12 AM
    is there a way i can install itunes 10.2 without getting osx 10.5?

    No. You should upgrade to 10.5 anyway since you use it as a file server and 10.5 has much better local networking capability and a built in VNC client to remotely control it from your other Macs.

    For your needs 10.5 makes a lot of sense.

    Feb 3, 02:38 AM
    OMG unbelievable !! I read on an artist site, that their iPhone and video cam was stolen right before their category was announced. Lalah Hathaway who was up for a Grammy in the Best R&B Female iphone was stolen while back stage. smh

    right before she went on at the pre Grammy show live that aired on

    Maybe Jobs can ship her a new one.?

    Feb 3, 02:37 AM
    For February I've gone with this little bundle of perfection.

    Apr 13, 02:05 PM
    :D ( (

    Is that the original below? Liked this WP but the image is broken.

    Apr 4, 11:30 AM
    There may not be a "mass exodus" but you can rest assured that my family (4 of us) will be switching to Verizon and joining my Dad (who currently is with Verizon) as of July 1st. :D

    Enjoy your CDMA. "Let me check, gotta call you back". ;)

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