Saturday, May 21, 2011

Map Of Korea And Japan

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  • inkswamp
    Mar 31, 02:57 PM
    Wow! Impressive work from Adobe. :eek:

    You know, I was around in the mid-80s when the mouse and GUI first hit the market, and I recall the bickering amongst my fellow computer geeks about whether one could do real work with these new "toy" computers (which didn't phase me as I was also interested in desktop publishing and could sense where it was going.) Back then, there were merits to both sides of that debate, but over time, it's become clear that the mouse+GUI was far more powerful and flexible than at first perceived by the geek crowd.

    I'm starting to see a lot of parallels between the touch interface devices and those days in the 80s. Every time I see/hear some geek declare the iPad a toy and useless for real work, I just think back to those days when my geek friends sneered at the Macs with the silly mouse and pretty GUI and wonder if history is repeating itself.

    And then I see things like what Adobe is doing and I know it for a fact. We're seeing another revolution in computing happen, but most people won't acknowledge it for many years, until it's beyond obvious.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 24, 08:02 PM
    Killing hookers?? :eek:

    Well given your other examples perhaps that just about describes the probable immaturity of an 18 old. Enough said in that case. :rolleyes:

    I just don't understand this whole "he's 18 and and adult" routine. He may be 18 in the eyes of the law, but with no real life experience behind him I hardly think he can be considered mature enough to make adult decisions. What's with this whole "hey presto the law says your an adult so you your all grow up now" ??

    So you'd rather his folks make all the big decisions for him and never let him become that adult?

    Parents should be slowly divesting themselves of big, life decisions to their children as they grow. Yes, you can set rules of the house but you can't actually actively prevent him from doing something.

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  • xPismo
    Sep 30, 11:55 PM
    yay! Anything that makes my powerbook more useful in the work environment is a good thing. :cool:

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  • WinterMute
    Sep 25, 09:51 AM
    One thread per topic please.

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  • Rot'nApple
    Apr 7, 07:46 PM
    After a short stint in Hollywood with success in the '70's, this out of work actor was hired by Atari for sound effects! :D:D:D

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  • Santaduck
    Sep 17, 04:24 PM
    Again, I wonder how this relates to Apple's strategy for X-San

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  • Foxer
    Jul 23, 11:43 PM
    Hey all. I was screwing with iTunes4 tonight and I managed to delete all my playlists. They're still on my iPod (as is the whole iTunes library). Is there a program out there that will allow me to download my playlists from the iPod to iTunes? It will save me several hours of work if I can do that.

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  • iSaint
    Oct 19, 08:24 PM
    well, you know what's coming...

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  • peterparker
    Aug 1, 10:51 AM
    I believe the .Mac iDisk only supports WebDAV.

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  • vincenz
    Apr 16, 06:48 PM
    Sounds like you got an older revision of the case. Apparently, the newer ones from Speck themselves are a little softer and easier to handle.

    Nothing you can do about the one you have to make it softer. You can always try contacting Speck for a replacement. I hear they're pretty generous with replacements.

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  • FooArk
    Mar 17, 08:21 PM
    People compain about Apple slow shipping times, Steve Job's sheep run to his defense saying "LEARN HOW TO WAIT"

    Then, when people buying iPads to resell for profit is mentioned, people on here complain its wrong because they are taking iPads from people that would otherwise buy them. What happened to learning how to wait???

    Makes no sense.

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  • Doju
    Apr 25, 07:44 AM
    You know, in Keynote, how it sometimes defaults to all capital letters, and even if you use shift, or caps lock, it stays that way for some reason? That's great for aesthetics, but it's keeping that through the slides.

    Is there a way to turn it off? I changed the font to Helvetica and it still does it.

    EDIT: Nevermind. Format > Font > Capitalization > Off

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  • daneoni
    Mar 23, 11:46 AM
    Probably saw the writing on the wall with Apple's recent 'Post-PC' direction, even more so with iOS's impending infiltration of Mac OS.

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  • PhantomPumpkin
    Apr 21, 08:15 AM
    Victory? Apple is at war?

    Absolutely. They have been at war since the days of Windows. However, the "enemy" has changed, and this is a far cry from victory.

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  • iSaint
    Dec 23, 09:46 AM
    Very cool!

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  • Nicholas.C
    Sep 12, 07:45 AM
    define cute lol ill probs be in the bedford store when i buy the iphone... with my g/friend

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  • Qwest905
    Dec 4, 01:41 PM

    do you mind sharing your dock the finder and chrome ones =)


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  • dukebound85
    Apr 6, 12:00 PM
    12 petabytes? That doesn't seem like too much, actually. that's 1GB of storage for 12 million customers

    I think it is being used to hold media content, not for cloud backup type purposes for individual customers

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  • sl8r
    Oct 2, 04:35 AM
    i, too, am firmly in the "Notes Haters" camp.

    I know that I will get the usual canned response here from Notes fans ("but, you see, it is not just an email app, it is so much more...").

    Yeah, they're probably the worst fanboys in the IT industry; "But it can do so much!" yes well if it can do so much, why is it the crashtastic pile of shite that it is today? If it crashes on you, you have to reboot the PC, cos just trying to start Lotus Notes again will give you a cryptic error message.

    The user interface is the worst ever ("click that little unmarked rectangle top-left in the mail view to check for new mail!", and, oh, about 10'000 other possible examples of UI idiocy).

    The last two jobs I've held have forced me to use this decades-past-it's-heyday trainwreck, and even though I've used it in various incarnations (~R4-R6 and whatever the latest public version is), I would love to know what the people at IBM were and still are smoking. Shouldn't you fix glaringly obvious bugs, from release to release? Do they even employ UI designers at IBM? Do they actually consider things such as optimizing performance, when rolling out a new release?

    As far as I can see, the sole reason it still exists, apart from the fact that you can send and receive emails and do scheduling with it (which are the two things most companies use it for today), seems to stem from the veritable ARMIES of consultants and developers that keep on recommending it, ostensibly to protect their own incomes after having spent thousands learning how to develop applications for it.

    Sep 25, 09:46 AM
    Hi All

    I am currently a PC user, but am interested in switching to Mac. I m looking at getting the Mac Mini (1.42Ghz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD, SuperDrive Spec)

    How will the above spec machine deal with very basic video editing? I have a DVD Cam Corder and will want to 'join' video clips with music tracks added.... nothing too serious.

    I have to choose between the above Mac or a AMD Athlon 64 (+3400) PC System (with 1GB Ram and 200BG HD)

    Any help would be appreciated


    Apple OC
    Mar 26, 10:00 PM
    To prove false advertisement, you must be able to prove certain facts to be true. There are 5 requirements. The first one is the relevant fact to this case.

    That being....a false statement of fact has been made about the advertiser's own or another person's goods, services, or commercial activity.

    The seller stated what he was selling in the auction. That disqualifies this requirement.

    No prosecutor in this country would even offer this case to a grand jury.

    Yes....I think this is legal.

    think what you want ... this is not going to court for a prosecutor ... this is an illegal eBay listing and will be resolved by eBay and PayPal

    Dec 21, 06:14 AM
    Do we all like price fixing ?

    Apple products are too often kept at RRP - not sure if its always by agreements with apple - "don't discount more than 10% or lose authorised reseller status"

    Obviously good for apple products, but not for the consumer.

    Jan 25, 03:13 PM
    My 2007 MacPro 2,1 could use a boost also. Sadly it would make sense to replace it with a 27'' iMac with these new 3.4Ghz SandyBridge chip whenever it comes out. I can't really justify buying a 12 core machine just for Folding...

    Lease it :D

    Yes, I understand a 27" iMac does make sense now.

    Jun 6, 04:01 PM
    Nice work :)

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