Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • i.phone4
    Apr 17, 10:15 AM

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  • bobbytomorow
    Oct 1, 09:44 AM (

    Wall from indeepop (

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  • paul4339
    Apr 13, 12:30 PM
    I think they invented that.

    ... fashion industry

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  • It's a tribute
    Sep 1, 02:45 PM
    Awsome interface you don't want so share? Orginal wallpaper, dock and icon links, please?

    Yes the icons, dock are from DA in the link at the bottom of page1, the indicators are called willow from DA and check your inbox. <<or send your mail and I will drop the WP as to my knowledge the author has not yet released it.

    Nicole Richie Weight Loss Before And After. gemma ward weight loss. gemma
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  • JoeG4
    Jan 11, 12:10 AM
    I'm pulling this one a bit out of nowhere, but I've once heard that the whole thing with diesel not being popular in the US is a bit of a convenient balance, since you can split petroleum into gas and get diesel as a byproduct, so it's nice to have a balance.

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  • glocke12
    May 4, 06:09 AM
    It is seeming more and more likely that enhanced interrogation techniques (a.k.a. torture), provided information that allowed the U.S. to kill O.B.L.

    I recall many on this forum criticizing these techniques claiming they never provided useful information.

    What say you now??

    Personally, I was in favor of using these methods on prisoners that were known terrorists, such as K.S.M.

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  • iAmYou
    Apr 10, 10:17 AM
    Another 600 megabyte "patch"! Thanks Apple!

    Do you really think the patch is 600MB. You really don't have a clue.

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  • Blakeco123
    Mar 23, 09:44 AM
    that looks like he's demoing leopard because he's using an old cinema display and the "Aurora"

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  • cxny
    Apr 6, 12:29 PM
    Is it too late to add 1 more Peta to the order? I'm planning on becoming a heavy ITMS user soon.

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  • carve
    Aug 6, 02:32 PM

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  • iNewbie
    Oct 4, 12:29 PM

    I stand corrected on a couple or your points. Again I'm mostly a developer and only dabble with admin.

    Regarding the iNotes user issue. Their activity IS logged differently. You need to turn that on in the server document. On the interent Protocols tab you can Enable logging to text files and then review it with a standard application or to a notes database Domlog.nsf. It's likely done this way for performance reasons. A quick search on gave me this answer.

    Regarding the last login time of a user, again it looks like you're correct regarding the person document. I did not find an immediate built in solution for this, which doesn't surprise me. Remember notes is more of a programming environment then a simple application. It's understood that if it doesn't do something out of the box you can build it yourself. If you don't like how mail works, change it or download a new template. If you need new views in the log database you can add them. If you want to track the last time a person hit's their e-mail database there are several ways to do that. Searching on (2 forums) for "last login" or something similar will give you some ideas. If you activate the domlog.nsf database then you can write a little code, get the information you're looking for, and track it however you want. While it's not a built in feature, the fact remains that using the notes development tools you can do it yourself and you're not limited to how Lotus implements a solution.

    Regarding the stupidity of the security solution.... In some Environments like the CIA and NSA which use notes, you simply don't want a notes administrator to be able to access peoples e-mails or other information that they shouldn't be able to get to. They need to administer the system but not all the data. Notes security solves this problem.

    Now as you say you're a small college so you don't need this level of security. There's lots of posts and thoughts on ID management. Again if the user that was renamed wasn't using encryption then there is no issue as something can be recreated. the other was to go is to store the default id's in a "secure" place with the default passwords. But while convenient, this can cause problems.

    However, I would say that if an administrator ever got caught reading the Dean's e-mails the school would quickly want to increase the security level. There's now a lot of laws regarding privacy...

    Notes is not an end user solution. It's marketed to businesses and organizations. In my opinion, there should never be a notes environment that has an administrator but no developer. It can be one and the same, but someone really needs to know formula languge and lotusScript. With some development, you can write simple programs which do simple tasks.

    As an alternative you might want to check It's a Notes Opensource site and has things like a new mail template, user administration tools, etc...

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  • Drag'nGT
    Apr 28, 10:12 AM
    When you take forever to get the phone on VZW you should expect people to take their time switching.
    First, you've let Android have all that time to get a following because it's the only alternative for the lack of an iPhone. Those people have also bought apps that they now enjoy and would have to re-purchase on the iPhone. This happens with video game systems as well.
    Second, people are in 2yr contracts. There are very few people who are willing to pay more for a phone they can buy 4 months later at half price on top of the termination fee.
    Third, not that many people hate AT&T it's just the handful of VZW fans that make it look that way.
    And finally you have the reporting and reviews. All the reports I saw were telling VZW people and potential switchers to hold off on getting the iPhone 4. No 4G, no white and still had the questionable signal issues. The "iPhone 5" was supposed to come out mid to late summer so people were concerned Apple would sell them a phone and then jump up 6 months later with the newer, thiner, better version and leave folks hanging.

    People are paying attention to these reports and that's why I feel the numbers were low.

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  • caveman_uk
    Jan 9, 03:14 PM
    I should thank Steve Jobs for a Keynote that saved me money and didn't have me lusting after something. Amount to be spent as a result of this keynote - �0

    AppleTV - pointless.
    iPhone - beautiful. I'm NEVER spending that much on a phone. EVER.
    New Airport Extreme - cost twice what it should.

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  • LastZion
    Dec 2, 10:54 AM
    I will be the first inline to grab one of these... I am a cell phone whore

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  • liamkp
    Jul 10, 01:46 PM
    Was wondering if you can use 2 bluetooth headsets at the same time.

    I dont think so.

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  • thedude737
    Mar 11, 12:56 PM
    Are you still in line now? If so, whats it look like? I'm debating between going to the Manhasset store, the Roosevelt Field Mall, or Walt Whitman Mall.

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  • John.B
    Apr 7, 09:30 PM
    Might want to check the signature app in the store. I've had it for over a year, you can choose up to 6 signatures. Use to be called signature pro, but my app says just Signature.

    If this ( is what you are talking about, the current version is $5. Which would be fine, except the recent reviews are very poor.

    It also looks (from the screencaps) like you run the app to pick one of a handful of signatures, when most of us just want to have one specific signature assigned each mailbox...

    Regardless, thanks for the heads up.

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  • octatonic
    Apr 18, 06:24 AM
    This be mine.

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  • mrkramer
    Mar 17, 01:47 AM
    It's impossible to be 100% certain is a crap response, because in many cases it is 100% certain, and i've named a few already. Also, the whole financial issue is very debatable and i don't think anyone here has solid figures on it. The only reason it may cost more to execute someone is because of all the appeals and court costs, this can easily be fixed so execution is the most economical way. I'm not going any further into this because my stance that some people are unworthy of life won't change. Peace out girl scout.

    And if you get rid of those extra appeals then you will kill more innocent people, and how is that different from murder? And while I'm sure you will claim this is just an emotional argument and ignore it, but what about someone who is mentally handicapped and doesn't know it is wrong? Should they be killed, or treated?

    And as far as your argument that in supporting the death penalty you are in good company, I guess you are as long as China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen are good company, those seem to be the only ones who execute close to the same amount as us or more.

    Mar 26, 08:17 PM
    Wow, that went for alot.

    May 1, 03:56 PM
    Can someone help me find the wallpaper behind the window that is open?!?!?!

    It is appreciated!

    Picture credit to Most Addictive Game from the mac app store

    Its hardwood lights

    YOu can find many different versions. One is here

    Oct 9, 02:58 PM
    never used Tweetie but I'll give it a try for $2.99

    Nov 4, 07:40 PM
    HandBrake is a free appllication for ripping DVDs to MPEG-4 with AAC audio, set your own bitrates.

    Easy to use: link (

    Oct 9, 06:19 PM
    Tell me.. what will happen when Tweetie 3, 4, 5... comes out?

    PAY AGAIN... AGAIN AND AGAIN... for minor upgrades.

    I don't know. I can't read the future. So don't buy it.

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