Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • Praetorian�
    Dec 11, 06:44 AM
    classic :cool:

    I just realized how much I love the Montreal Canadiens. :D Thanks for sharing.

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Nov 20, 01:35 AM
    MR wrote:
    "Why would you let TJ Maxx of all places undercut the iPad prices by $100?"

    That question is so stupid! It sounds like he does not want cheaper iPads, and no competition!? One could think, that this happens in North Korea or Cuba, but no, it happens in the U.S.A.! People want a dictator!

    Just imagine that everyone screams "I want a more expensive iPad! Please Steve Jobs give it to me!". It does not look like it would happen.

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  • caspersoong
    Apr 29, 04:16 AM
    I always thought that Apple could not meet demand... or is that still so?

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  • jknight8907
    Dec 25, 09:23 PM
    ^they sell gas grills in Texas?! :eek:

    "Bobby, in Texas, we use propane!"

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  • ^^ CoolMacLover
    Aug 29, 02:50 AM
    Gonna take a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. Not many books even have a CD to come with it :P

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  • techiegirl
    Feb 9, 12:22 PM
    You will loose your rollover minutes if you reduce your rate plan, but not if you increase it. Yes, rollover minutes expire after a year.

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  • macsaregoodmkay
    Apr 27, 06:04 PM
    We need finer control over location. All we get to decide is yes or no. We should be able to decide what an app is going to do with the info.

    Example: I'd like my maps app to use my location ONLY to tell me where i am. NOT share my location.

    These broad agreement terms are the reason i have never installed an application on facebook. the terms are like "allow this application to access all your files, post to your friends walls, share your info, access your friends' info, etc. By clicking agree, you are allowing it to become your new spam bot.

    In this new era, clicking agree should not be legally binding. Every time I want to update safari or itunes or install any new program I need to read 120 pages of legal speak? I'd have to hire a lawyer full time for years to get thru it all. I challenge anyone to read and understand every agreement in every app on your computer. For all we know there is a clause in there that says they own your firstborn. This is not directed at apple, this applies to all companies and developers.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 24, 07:55 PM
    And, by the way, thank you so much for making me think of my parents having sex.

    Edit: and I still think the first way to get on that road to being a grounded adult is to get out of his freaking parent's house. Until then, he should have to experience exactly the parental attitude that Chundles (sarcastically) described.

    Disclaimer: And, yes, I had no chance whatsoever to get laid when I was 18, so, yeah, I'm freaking jealous. Also, had I told my parents I was going over to sleep at my girlfriend's house, they (a) would have fainted out of sheer disbelief, then (b) beat the crap out of me.

    Yeah, definitely get out of the house. However, if he's off to uni and will be staying at a college he's probably got a few months where there's no real point to him moving out. And if he is off to uni and staying at a college.... :D there's gonna be some serious learnin' goin' oowwnnnn... If you know what I mean, wink wink nudge nudge SAY NO MORE!

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  • Littleodie914
    Dec 3, 07:46 AM
    This WP is stretched to fit; I wish I could find an actual 16:10 ratio one for it. Also, anyone know if this guy has a name or the origins of it?The art is from this guy:

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  • gri
    Nov 1, 09:14 AM
    Got mine through this morning from the AppleStore. Its absolutely wicked! Very, very diddy and comes with this cool little docking station to charge it and interface with my Mac. Looking forward to a trip to the gym tonight... ;)

    Does it come with the new or old earphones?

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  • mlmathews
    Apr 13, 10:04 AM
    If the iPhone 5 is delayed as much as some suppliers are speculating ( in to next year ), the bright spot would be that the iPhone 4 price would likely get slashed to keep sales going. I'd still ride it out with my 3Gs though...unless I gave in to the temptation to try another platform.

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  • Anuba
    Jan 10, 04:12 PM
    So whats your opinion, personally i think it was to focused on the iphone...

    I hate these keynotes with a passion and always wish someone would napalm all the smug brainwashed idiots in the audience constantly applauding Steve "Hitler" Jobs like he was deity... ooh look a button, this calls for a standing ovation... creepy freaks. But enough about me.

    I thought it was pretty underwhelming. Even though the iPhone appears to be a very cool and well designed gadget, the battery solution blows (short life + non-swappable) and 4/8 GB is a joke. Initially it seemed everyone was drooling all over the screens, but after the excitement had settled down I guess it wasn't so hot after all. For some reason it gave me flashbacks to that Keynote where he showed that god awful Motorola ROKR phone with built-in iTunes, with all these old geezer CEOs from various third parties making awkward fish-out-of-water appearances and stuttering their way through written notes... but yeah, I guess people who were looking forward to Leopard would feel kind of miffed. Myself I don't get very excited over point releases, call me when they have OS11 ready.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 23, 04:41 AM
    What exact external HDD do you connect via what interface (USB & Firewire) to what exact Mac with what exact Mac OS X version?
    And what do you mean with "it won't repair" via Disk Utility? Can you provide more info for that?
    Have you tried an SMC reset yet?
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) (

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 27, 05:48 PM
    Why does it take a media storm for Apple to open up on an issue ? It would be so much better if they more forthcoming and frank before an issue snowballs.

    Because it's not news. Plus it's a stupid issue in the first place. Every damn carrier in the world tracks your movement FAR more than Apple has. Google's Android tracks you even more than iOS does. This has been happening for well over a decade. Nobody cares, and only a few people have their tin-foil hats on tight enough to care.

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  • eclipse525
    Nov 7, 11:31 PM
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Lacie's SilverKeeper ( It works very well for backups; basically syncing your folders with the backup version (on your iPod, or your FireWire drive, or wherever). Unlike CarbonCopyCloner it removes files from the backup that are no longer on the source, and it only copies the files that have changed. Also it'll let you keep multiple copies of the backups.

    Yeah...but doesn't Retrospect ( do the same thing but better?


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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 21, 10:36 AM
    What are the rating things beside the Quote button for?

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  • Grakkle
    Nov 20, 06:48 PM
    To be honest, it's only another iPhone rumor to add to the mix. The idea that Apple is ploughing ahead with new models is nice, but let's wait for v1.0 first before we start speculating about 'new' features.

    All this iPhone hype is a bit ridiculous. Remember that the iPhone, when and if it comes out, will be essentially identical to some current SonyEriccson phones, or even the LG Chocolate.:rolleyes: Yes, it may have an apple logo on it, but it's almost certainly not going to be significantly new technology.

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  • archurban
    Nov 1, 02:53 AM
    wow, everybody is fanatic, obsessed, crazy anything about Apple. me, too. I still hesitate to buy new shuffle or not. maybe my 2G nano will be pissed.

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  • bwrairen
    Mar 27, 08:55 PM
    Exactly. Keyboard tough guy. Those handgun pictures are so intimidating!

    Have fun with your castle defense after the prosecutor admits these forum posts. Some juries convicts defendants just for being an *******!

    Apr 22, 06:43 PM
    Yea! That's exactly it! Here's another shot of the Z4. I like this one a bit better but something is still off about it to me. (

    I tried stamping that pole out thats in front of the car but after comparing the photos it didn't look right to me. So I just left it. Screw it. I also tried that radial gradient tool to get that kind of sun flare effect. I don't think I'm doing it right.

    Sep 27, 11:49 AM
    meh, I'm ok with it.... :cool:

    Me too...I was just trying to get the word out!

    Apr 7, 03:03 PM
    When I got to iTunes on my iPad, it's in Chinese when the rest is in English. How do I change to English.

    Oct 5, 08:50 PM
    Correct. This was leaked the day after Leopard Preview was released. Sheesh.

    Yes, but now we have (had) videos. Did anyone save them?

    Sep 27, 02:50 AM
    Overly aggressive? I'm currently forwarding all my .Mac mail through Gmail because I got sick of so much junk mail -- 20 messages per day, usually more -- getting through from .Mac to my inbox. I actually thought they didn't have any spam filters at all.

    I have the opposite problem. I get much more spam through to my inbox on my gmail account than I do with .mac . As always, YMMV.

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