Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pictures Of Lil Wayne 2011

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  • RCharel
    Apr 4, 11:37 AM
    Why not sell daily copies of the FT if they don’t want to sell subscriptions through Apple. Does Apple allow this?
    That would make the App the equivalent of the news stand with the additional advantage of immediate availability of to-day’s edition to-day wherever the reader is in the world. The price could be very competitive with a news stand price and the FT would not have any info on this reader in any case.

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  • BoulderBum
    Mar 26, 12:48 AM
    I prefer iOS to Android, but I have to say that the built-in maps of Android absolutely trounce Apple's offering in every way (and I'd further suggest they're better than any GPS app you can currently buy).

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  • Patdt13
    Oct 1, 02:14 PM

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  • Psycdude
    Sep 13, 04:07 PM
    It's a shame it doesn't have slice it or fruit ninja pre-installed!

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  • MacAttack53
    Oct 18, 07:57 AM
    Who's going to Town Center?

    Well.....I have no school next Friday, so me and my friend are going to camp out in front....

    Yes, I know....Camping in front of a Boca Raton store? Sounds crazy....but....It's so much more fun that way :)

    Hope to see you there!

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  • ayeying
    Oct 4, 01:34 AM
    There's nothing wrong. The WCG's client has always been outdated in the past. I just use the recommended BOINC client from Berekley's site. In fact, I'm using 6.10.58 with WCG and havent seen a problem

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  • MacRumors
    Oct 9, 09:21 PM (

    Popular Twitter iPhone application Tweetie ( received a major upgrade today with the release of Tweetie 2 [App Store (, $2.99], completely rebuilt from the ground up to bring significant speed improvements and several new features. The extensive list of features in the application's App Store description includes:- Seamlessly handle multiple Twitter accounts
    - Explore all of Twitter, from your own timeline and mentions, to the favorite tweets of your followers and friends
    - Full persistence: more than just caching tweets, Tweetie 2 restores your entire UI if you quit or get a phone call
    - Fantastic new offline mode. Read, tweet, favorite, follow, save to Instapaper and more even when you don't have a connection. Your actions will be synced as soon as you go back online
    - Full landscape support (configurable of course)
    - Live-filter your tweet stream
    - Post photos and videos, even configure your own custom image host
    - Vastly improved compose screen with recent hashtags, @people picker, URL shortening and more
    - Compose screen multiple-attachments manager
    - Drafts manager ensures you never lose a tweet (and you can even send drafts to Birdhouse)
    - Link Twitter contacts to Address Book contacts
    - Follow, unfollow, block and unblock from multiple accounts simultaneously
    - Saved searches sync with and the upcoming Tweetie 2 for Mac
    - Autocomplete recent searches and Go-to-user
    - Threaded Direct Messages and improved conversation navigation
    - TextExpander integration
    - Rich integration with Follow Cost, Tweet Blocker, and more
    - Edit your own Twitter profile
    - Specify custom API roots on a per-account basis
    - Nearby map view
    - Translate tweets
    - Preview short URLs
    - Safari bookmarklet support for easily sharing links
    - In-app rich text email composition
    - Tons of little things, including improved avatar caching, auto-refresh, refresh-all, seamless Twitlonger support, hashtag definitions and more
    - This is just the beginning. Tweetie 2 is already built to take advantage of great new features coming from Twitter, so expect updates turning them on soon!Users of the original Tweetie application should note that the new version is a separate app and will require users to again shell out $3, but indications seem to be that the new version is already worth the fresh cash outlay, with more features to come in the future.

    Article Link: Tweetie 2 Arrives in the App Store (

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  • blahblah100
    Apr 28, 10:21 PM
    I think some decent smart minds need to sit together, and work out this whole patent problem thing... It's getting ridiculous. They should just open it up to everybody. F$&# it, may the best company win then.

    I agree! Why should the cases be decided based upon their legal merits when they can be decided upon based on the "best company" (according to who?) :rolleyes:

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  • Chase R
    Dec 6, 05:24 PM
    Here is my imac and ipad wallpapers

    Mind posting the source to that black 'n blue Apple-logo one?

    Looks shweet :cool:

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  • Willis
    Oct 12, 05:58 PM

    I think that answers the photoshop myth... BUSTED!!

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  • LoganT
    Mar 26, 10:40 PM
    I'd like to create a listing like this. But instead, write expliticly in huge font what it is. Just to see if anyone would bid.

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  • hismikeness
    Apr 6, 01:47 PM
    I think it's funny all the comments about "is that enough?" I think this proves two things...

    1. Most people don't quite understand just how much a million/billion/trillion of something is.

    2. People think that this 12PB amount must have been decided upon arbitrarily, as if Apple didn't do a crapload of research to decide what a good starting amount would be.

    Here's another good visual representation of trillion, in dollars:
    What does a trillion dollars look like? (

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  • HydroMan
    Feb 20, 09:39 AM
    Ok, here you go, my list of "Must Have" free apps: .......
    Gimp: A very poor man's photoshop.

    Anyway, thats all. Let me know what you think of my list.

    I'd have to disagree Gimp is a powerful app I love it and compared to PS it's a steal. It's free and if your a hobbyist like me that alone is unbeatable, I could never justify spending $649 for just touching up the odd photo, Gimp is invaluable if you like to make your own calendars, invites, birthday cards, spoof pictures etc, I used to use Corel Draw/Photo-Paint8 until I upgraded to OSX and can say Gimp is far superior to them, I'm not having ago at you I just think the term "very" would put off a lot of non/semi pro's from trying it.
    System optimizer is shareware-$12
    Cocktail is a demo prices start from $14.95 - $699-(ok thats for a worldwide licence :D )
    Konfabulator is shareware-$24.95

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  • stevep
    Feb 5, 12:39 PM
    Has anyone any experience of running Xara on Virtual PC ? If so, does it install and run ok, or is it like shovelling treacle?

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  • Unorthodox
    Oct 16, 07:52 PM
    Do you have a 30" display?

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  • rrandyy
    Mar 27, 03:09 PM
    To prove false advertisement, you must be able to prove certain facts to be true. There are 5 requirements. The first one is the relevant fact to this case.

    That being....a false statement of fact has been made about the advertiser's own or another person's goods, services, or commercial activity.

    The seller stated what he was selling in the auction. That disqualifies this requirement.

    No prosecutor in this country would even offer this case to a grand jury.

    Yes....I think this is legal.

    Congrats on finishing your first semester of law school. Couple more things you will learn in the next couple of years:

    1. Illegal does not mean criminal. There are many laws that create liability that are not criminal. Any tort law, for example. Copyright laws are another example. Thus, no one cares what any prosecutor would do.

    2. You don't need a grand jury for all criminal charges. You definitely don't need one for false advertising.

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  • fel10
    Sep 5, 06:37 PM
    It is done with the program Geektool. Have a look here (

    Thanks bud

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    Apr 7, 08:56 AM
    I wonder how many of these posts are trolls? I haven't had any issues whatsoever with 4.3.1. I also didn't have any problems with 4.3; battery life has been absolutely stellar and call performance actually improved in 4.3.1.

    The timing of all these "bitching" posts just seems suspicious.

    nah there are issues...lucky for you you don't have any

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  • rhender7
    Jul 10, 08:10 PM
    I work for an AT&T retailer and YES we do offer insurance on the iphone. ATT will NOT insure it due to the overwhelming demand for it, they would lose so much money forked out to ppl for stolen iPhones. Apple Care is NOT insurance it is just an extended warranty!

    Warranty covers only manufacturer's defects (which are very rare)

    Insurance covers a phone that has been lost, dropped, stolen, dropped in the toilet, any sort of physical or water damage! If you are lucky enough to get the iPhone for the subsidized price it won't happen again. If your phone stops working for or you break it or lose it you will be paying the "No commitment" price and in the case of the iPhone they are upwards of $399.99 and $499.99.

    Protect your investment for a fraction of the cost!
    $69.95 plus tax for one year of protection
    $119.95 plus tax for two years.

    If you have to file a claim there is a $50 deductable...
    With insurance:
    So if you get an 8GB iPhone for $199.99 and your dog eats it in six months you paid $199.99 for phone, $69.95 for insurance (one year coverage) and $50 for the deductable which totals $319.94 for two phones..

    Without insurance:
    $199.99 for 8GB iPhone and same scenario your dog eats it in six months you pay $399.99 for the new iPhone which totals $599.98 which is $280.04 more..

    This is all assuming that they will have the phones at $399.99 for the un-subsidized price.. Rumor has it that they will be higher if you have to buy a replacement phone (no commitment price)

    Moral of the story is INSURE YOUR PHONE!
    You must do it within 30 days of the original purchase!

    Information needed for insurance:
    IMEI# (serial # on back of iPhone)
    Receipt # for your purchase
    Cell phone number the iPhone was purchased on
    Email address (for email confirmation)
    Valid Credit or Debit card for over the phone purchase.

    After transaction we will provide you with a policy number and email confirmation. Following you will also get a hard copy confirmation in the mail.

    To sign up please call 801-652-3778 ask for Ryan

    Apr 26, 11:09 AM
    I just tried Jailbreaking my Ipod 4th Gen, 4.1.2 with PwnageTool. Everything is fine until I have to restore it, I have gotten three different errors so far, one was 8, the other was 1604 and I forget the third.
    I can successfully enter DFU mode and choose which firmware I need to restore with, it's just unsuccessful when I try restoring it, theres either an error, or Cydia doesn't appear and it says "Restore Complete"

    Clive At Five
    Nov 29, 02:05 PM
    Acting is hard. [...]

    And teaching is easy??

    So what do you have against teachers making more? If teachers made more competitive salaries, there would be more competition for teaching jobs, thus leading to better quality teachers, ultimately resulting in better education.

    I'd rather spend an extra $100/yr for better teachers rather than helping to pay for Tom Cruise's 39 estates.


    Apr 7, 08:46 AM
    Why all the negatives? Patches are a good thing.

    They are... but the JB people hate it because it breaks their JB if they upgrade.

    Anyway... there are a couple annoying little bugs in the current software so an update is good.

    I've seen the "unlock the home screen" bug. Happened once or twice to me. And I've noticed slightly worse battery... but the last update really seemed to fix that for me.

    Good to see Apple proactive in keeping updates coming.

    Apr 23, 07:06 PM
    yes imacsoft do a dvd - audio ripper we use it in work as part of our media conversion bundles...

    but it just starts at 0:0:0 till the end....

    Dec 25, 09:07 PM
    ^they sell gas grills in Texas?! :eek:

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