Friday, May 27, 2011

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  • jasweb
    Apr 25, 01:09 PM
    Yes I agree. I have a thin logitech wireless backlit keyboard and its been on for 4 months and I haven't changed the battery. It is also charged via USB so it works even when it runs out of battery.

    Now that would be a good suggestion for the next version of the apple wireless keyboard (I have the 3 battery version). Sure a USB "charging" port could be added to the back (now that the new version is already 2 battery / 1.5 inches space saved).

    Apple is great with reducing component size (so sure such a charger would be cool).

    PS is there an easy way to check the battery level within the bluetooth wireless keyboard from OS X (or is there no checking hardware within the keyboard)?

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  • zoetropeuk
    Apr 16, 05:01 AM
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that adding hdmi to the box is more or less a marketing ploy rather than a necessity.

    This is what alot of people believe but try and find a 1080p HDTV in the UK that can display 1080p from a source other than HDMI. All the major brands of HDTVs I looked at will only display a 1080p from HDMI although you can use component to display 1080i. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying a 1080p set though.


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  • TheBigKing
    May 2, 01:10 PM
    just go to finder and applications and move to the trash ?

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  • eclipse
    Dec 5, 11:42 PM
    Oh, you mean the title of the browser page says "Hi" up the top, and then what they read in the actual web page is your Green writing?

    I never knew it was that simple in code... I only did it by filling in the appropriate box within GoLive.

    but there seem to be layers and layers... there are CSS things I have no idea about that do involve code. We should "Matrix load" our different skill sets to each other (if only I could lie in that Matrix couch for a few days... I would upload so many things.):)

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  • Beej
    Jul 22, 05:02 PM
    Sounds like you need an xServe to me, Arn :D

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  • dubbz
    Nov 1, 12:35 PM
    I guess I meant to say that "Apple Software" shouldn't be the *only* category something, say iTunes, should be in.

    [[Category: Audio]]
    [[Category: Apple Software]]

    Ah. Yes, more categories like "Audio Software" and the like makes sense to me.

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  • john123
    Nov 20, 11:14 PM
    Ya'll don't know me ?!?! I don't know any of you !!!

    Where are jefhatfield? Spikey? Kela? The old crowd?

    Are they all gone for good? Say it isn't so!

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  • tekkierich
    Feb 18, 12:55 PM
    I like the iFixit guide (

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  • Dimwhit
    Jan 14, 01:54 PM
    Anyone know why they don't do like streams anymore? Is it a technology issue, or just the way they prefer it?

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  • ErikAndre
    Jan 14, 06:24 AM
    So... this is just a thread to see who all will not be on the forums on the day of the keynote to avoid any spoilers. I know its a small crowd, but it will certainly require a heavy amount of discipline to not check any news website or mac website or even the apple store. Sort of just checking who's all in? I've subscribed the MacRumors Spoiler Free Page ( w/ Keynote link (so i can be emailed the link when it comes out).

    So.. Who else is checking out Tuesday to watch the Keynote stream (however late it may come online)?

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  • Sun Baked
    Nov 10, 03:26 PM
    When they made the switch into a for-profit money making business, I said this was a possibility... that they may go overboard in the revenue boosting side, at the expense of the clients.

    It's a path that many businesses take, unless they follow the customer first model instead. Which doesn't make the investors as happy, but it does help keep a happy client base growing.

    The ads are everywhere because they're trying to squeeze every penny out they can.

    And it CAN get worse, think along the bank and cable company models.

    There's a lot of money that they haven't even started going after yet -- a $1-10 a month here, there, and everywhere.

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  • GGJstudios
    May 6, 01:16 PM
    I honestly don't remember what website this popped up on, but Safari started downloading this MacSecurity.mpkg and it ran instantly and bypassed inputting my password? I couldn't really stop it
    What exactly did it do, that you couldn't stop? I understand it launched, but you would have had to respond to it for it to complete the installation.

    Also, this isn't a virus. There has never been a virus in the wild that affects Mac OS X since it was released 10 years ago. The handful of trojans that exist can be easily avoided with some education and common sense and care in what software you install:
    Mac Virus/Malware Info (

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  • munkle
    Jan 10, 10:51 AM
    Another good keyboard shortcut is command(apple)+tab to shuffle through open apps.

    Plus check out system preferences/keyboard & mouse/keyboard shortcuts. :)

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  • mad jew
    Dec 16, 06:23 PM
    No problems. Hopefully it's something simple like the loose antenna. :)

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  • djkut
    Sep 17, 06:57 PM
    You have to at least change the perspective on the screen...

    Go post it over at Spymac...they might believe you.:rolleyes:

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  • acedickson
    May 4, 01:22 PM
    If they do announce, and release, at WWDC anyone buying a MBP within a month or two before may also get a discounted price on Lion.

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  • zelmo
    Mar 30, 10:50 AM
    Imagine paying $9,000 for a weather cover for your $30,000 car.

    You mean, like a garage? :rolleyes: :D

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  • edesignuk
    Dec 15, 04:08 AM
    hehehe, very good :cool:Now get back to work :p

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  • 840quadra
    Jan 4, 12:54 AM
    I perused it a bit, and the screen shots did throw me in for a bit of a loop. I wasn't sure what to look out for. Perhaps Spotlight-like dimming only the relevant information and the removal of extraneous items like signatures, could help make it easier for someone to digest.

    The screen shots could be saved as .GIFs instead of JPEGs for more space savings. What's the Wiki etiquette on other users updating an original Guider's screenshots?

    I'm a newb at this, but something like this might be helpful. (#2.)

    Thank you for your feedback. :)

    I will start working on the images, and provide smaller (more to the point) screen shots for the guide.

    I would think part of the etiquette would be to provide some (any) feedback in regards to why the guide was moved, or labeled as ugly. There has to be a reason, otherwise why move it?

    May 3, 10:15 PM

    She'll be going with her boyfriend and she's gonna make sure it's legit before he gets the 16g back.

    If this is his mistake honestly, he's caused a lot of trouble and worry for nothing.

    We will see what happens, I'm waiting his reply.

    Feb 9, 03:02 PM
    Hey, as long as I can play "Asteroids", I'm happy... :eek:


    Aug 4, 08:12 AM
    The Panasonic G2 images are much better than the in camera JPG results.

    Jan 17, 07:25 AM (

    The iLidz Personal Media Viewer was previewed at Macworld, promising "a large screen viewing experience at a fraction of the cost."

    Simply insert your iPhone into the iLidz media viewer, look through the magnifying glass and adjust until focused. Voila. Hands free viewing. I can't say I necessarily felt like I was looking at a large screen, I suppose being hands free while watching a movie could be useful.

    Article Link (

    What kind of movie would you be watching where it would be useful to be hands free? :p

    Sep 21, 07:44 AM
    But if I was on the same network as you, you very well might show up in the finder side bar account name and all. For people who file sharing is enabled this is a huge flaw.

    Agreed. And even though file sharing may not be enabled my default, I'd venture a decent amount of people have had need to turn it on.

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