Friday, May 20, 2011

Short Hair German Shepherd

Short Hair German Shepherd. German Shepherds for sale
  • German Shepherds for sale

  • Happybunny
    Oct 3, 03:02 PM

    This was taken from the site Shorpy Historic photo archive

    Short Hair German Shepherd. They are both German Shepherds
  • They are both German Shepherds

  • Gibsonsoup
    Oct 2, 09:30 AM
    here's mine for this month

    Short Hair German Shepherd. german shepherd dog short
  • german shepherd dog short

  • deadkennedy
    Apr 6, 11:55 AM
    Meh, my mom has 13PB of RAM on her sunglasses.

    Short Hair German Shepherd. German Shepherd Dog
  • German Shepherd Dog

  • SwiftLives
    Mar 16, 09:04 AM
    What's the point of the death penalty? Does it deter people from committing murder? I think our current murder rate disputes that. I see it as nothing more than retribution. And I don't think our justice system needs to be involved in that.

    Short Hair German Shepherd. Plush coat german Shepherds
  • Plush coat german Shepherds

  • Kieranic
    Oct 11, 04:04 AM
    October :)

    Original please? :)

    Short Hair German Shepherd. Long-haired Shepherd
  • Long-haired Shepherd

  • John.B
    Apr 7, 03:30 PM
    Hey, Apple!!!

    Can you PLEASE include separate email signatures for separate email boxes?!?!?


    Short Hair German Shepherd. stock photo long haired german
  • stock photo long haired german

  • Clive At Five
    Nov 29, 01:41 PM
    That's the problem. The industry thinks that they can set the rules, when in fact it's the law makers and the judges that decide and implement them. I just wish the they (the politicians/judges, etc) would show a bit more understanding and concern for the consumer. After all, we're the ones who need protecting.

    I'm not sure if I agree with you. Broadening "Fair Use", treads a fine line between justice and public abduction of creative property. The real answer is to boycott Hollywood until they start offering reasonable solutions... and the easiest (albeit illegal) way to send them a message is piracy. If you're not cool with that, then you're just going to have to go without movies, and convince your friends to do the same.


    Short Hair German Shepherd. Your German Shepherd Puppy
  • Your German Shepherd Puppy

  • Eidorian
    Nov 29, 12:10 PM
    1. Buy DVD
    2. Handbrake
    3. ??????
    4. PROFIT!

    Short Hair German Shepherd. dutch shepherd Dutch Shepherd
  • dutch shepherd Dutch Shepherd

  • Huntn
    May 4, 09:08 AM
    I served this country for all most a decade as a U.S.Navy Officer and it has aggravated me from the start when the Bush Administration started making excuses to torture because we have bunches of soldiers at risk. Prior to this we had the moral high ground to say that torturing is not moral. Not that U.S. soldiers were never tortured, but by this action we have put US POWS at greater risk and now if we say "It's not right to torture", we'll just be laughed at. Keep in mind this policy was put into place by ******* gun-ho politicians who never served in a war, did not think or care about ramifications/blowback. :mad:

    Short Hair German Shepherd. German Shepherd
  • German Shepherd

  • AppleGoddess
    May 2, 05:24 PM
    I suppose I should point out, as is inevitable, that gay men are barred from giving blood, at least in the United States.

    So, while I can't participate, my best wishes to those who can. Thank you for your sacrifice!
    Wow I never knew that, I can't donate I had anthrax vaccination .

    Short Hair German Shepherd. german shepherd dog short
  • german shepherd dog short

  • NicoleRichie
    Mar 27, 03:01 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I have seen many things like this. Read!

    Short Hair German Shepherd. Female German Shepherd dog
  • Female German Shepherd dog

  • newtoiphonesdk
    Apr 19, 10:19 PM
    I am looking for a tutorial to help guide me in being able to save a pdf or doc from the NSURL loaded in webview, to a tableview that can be accessed offline at any time.

    Short Hair German Shepherd. A male short-haired brindle
  • A male short-haired brindle

  • ivan2002
    Apr 25, 12:59 AM
    Where's the poll option for "only an idiot would buy an iPhone two months before WWDC?"

    Ok guys, you took on the "white is for girls only" guy, I get a shot at this one ;)

    Here we go:

    Two months before WWDC, you say? Are they going to start selling a new iPhone at WWDC? NO. Are they going to at least announce a new iPhone at WWDC? Well, if you read: THIS BLOG - NO.

    So, what does WWDC have to do with a new iPhone? Nothing, in our collective knowledge here. You may think something different, but calling me an idiot simply because I don't live inside your brain is... not very smart, to put it mildly. :mad:


    Edit: Yep. I'm buying one. My 3G is on it's last legs, I like white better than black, and "5" is 5 or 6 months away at least (and not promising much of an upgrade from 4 either)

    Short Hair German Shepherd. Long Haired German Shepherd
  • Long Haired German Shepherd

  • maldoror
    May 3, 03:21 PM
    this dual enclosure from OWC:

    it only has the esata connection. could i daisy chain this drive to my current single enclosure Elite-AL Pro Quad?
    can i just put one 2TB hdd in it for now until i need more space and just use it non-raid?

    thanks for the help

    Short Hair German Shepherd. german shepherd
  • german shepherd

  • Macist
    Apr 28, 08:20 AM
    HAving moved from an iPhone 3G to an HTC Desire then recently to an iPhone 4, I have to say iOS is just a slicker, faster (in operation), more straightforward phone operating system. Android doesn't suck but it's a slapped together fiddle-fest by comparison.

    However, people now see a 10 month old iPhone VS. ungainly 4.3 inch, dual-core, Android superphones and, as we know in the tech world, big numbers usually mean bigger sales.

    Apple doesn't need to worry about Android getting big (it's going to dwarf the rest as you can get a low-end Android phone on a �15 contract these days) but does need to stay in touch with the top-tier Android phones else it can not longer bask in a 'Mercedes of phones' status.

    This means faster updates (ideally a 4inch '4s' should have been out by now) and, radically, sqeezing GSM functionality into the iPod Touch making it a 'phone if you want it to be' and thus tackling the Android low-end while still being a premium product.

    Also, iPhone didn't need CDMA. America needs less sucky GSM networks.

    Short Hair German Shepherd. I want a German Shepherd!
  • I want a German Shepherd!

  • eyehop
    Sep 27, 12:03 AM
    Thanksyou for thea informatiiive artical, but I'd lik to no mor aboud thise 'smart refrehes' and 'bulit-in address book':D

    Short Hair German Shepherd. White German Shepherd Breeders
  • White German Shepherd Breeders

  • ThunderSkunk
    May 2, 04:04 PM
    Aaaach. I almost got tipsy just seeing those images. ...which is weird, since I used to donate blood all the time. And saw quite a bit of it in the service, and being a mountain biker...

    Oh well, none of you will get my bisexual blood either I guess. ...but just think of all that potentially homosexual blood floating around out there from years past... ticking time bombs, those platelets! The gayness! It's in the blood! lol

    Short Hair German Shepherd. The German Shepherd Dog or
  • The German Shepherd Dog or

  • LethalWolfe
    Nov 12, 05:41 PM
    Just one example but Transformers 2 was cut on FCP, and that's a 250mil movie, hardly an independent one :)
    No one said FCP is only used on indie movies.


    Short Hair German Shepherd. german shepherd dog short hair
  • german shepherd dog short hair

  • patrickdunn
    Jun 18, 10:32 PM
    Anybody going to Apple or AT&T in the 29th street mall in Boulder? I am thinking about going to Starbucks or McDonalds next door to play with my new phone in the AM. I'll be at AT&T at 6:30.

    Also, would anybody be willing to let me use their Mac/PC to activate my 3G if AT&T does not do it in-store for me?

    Well see you out there!!

    Apr 4, 09:55 AM
    Aaaaaah, money for that T-Mobile USA purchase... :eek:


    Apr 7, 12:59 PM
    I am wondering why my Ipod does this...every like 5th time i start it up, it tells me to reconnect to itunes and restore....and does not work unless i restore it. What the heck is going on?

    Dec 2, 04:50 PM
    girl, girls...

    May 1, 05:17 PM
    As a matter of interest,

    Why is the info in Omni Outliner?

    Omni Outliner will let you view the file containing the strings.

    Apr 25, 02:35 AM
    Does "I have no desire for a smartphone" go under "already have other phone" or under "undecided/other"?

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