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Short Hair Yorkie Puppies

Short Hair Yorkie Puppies. Adorable Teacup Yorkie puppy
  • Adorable Teacup Yorkie puppy

  • MacBytes
    Jun 27, 11:55 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Caf� Macs officially debuts its Mac community website. (
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    Short Hair Yorkie Puppies. The back is rather short,
  • The back is rather short,

  • zen.state
    Mar 30, 06:16 PM
    didn't know that. i've use some 6200s before, but have never owned/used a MDD... wonder why it won't work? did you tape the pins, tried all the other tricks? voltage problem perhaps?!? learn something new every day around here. long live PPC!

    I didn't do the pin covering on my 6200. I bought it from that same vendor but reflashed it myself with a faster ROM. He did the pin work and I reflashed it. On both that sellers auctions and others as well as other 6200 for Mac info I have read they all say no MDD support. Must be something to do with voltage or pins. It's AGP 4x like the Digital Audio and Quicksilver which work with the 6200. Strange..

    The more common Geforce 6200 ROM's for Mac are downclocked a bit as about half the 6200 Mac market or more are used in G4 Cubes. This is obviously done to lower heat. The GPU runs at 300MHz on the Cube/common ROM and 350mhz on the ROM I reflashed with. The VRAM is 533MHz on both ROM's.

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  • Yvan256
    Oct 6, 08:28 AM
    Then please go visit and see how user-applied changes break their designs to the point where elements are covered by others. Those designs usually apply to the W3 standards, and I bet they are far better at this things than either you or me.

    Having valid (X)HTML/CSS code doesn't mean it's well-coded. Some designers still think that webpages are static images where they (should) have pixel-perfect control. I hate those websites, some even go to the length of putting actual text content inside a GIF file because the browser couldn't render their 5-pixels-high font correctly.

    CSS Zen Garden shows how the web should be coded (XHTML structured content styled with CSS), but some of the designs (CSS files) are bad (yet use valid CSS code).

    If you view CSS Zen Garden with CSS disabled, you'll still have access to the content. It won't be pretty, but it'll be there. Content is more important than style (style with no content is useless).

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  • short hair yorkie

  • DoFoT9
    Feb 3, 03:02 PM
    Probably can't get one bigger than this:

    Courtesy of TinEye, you should check it out.


    Here you go for that picture of perfection :cool:

    thank you thank you thank!!! :)

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  • PimpGGG
    Jul 26, 06:49 PM
    ok i have a powerbook will i be able to get this in here..will i have to buy an external one that i plug in this or take my drive out and put that in?

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  • lostprophet894
    Oct 13, 03:33 PM
    Good thing I had it in my iTunes because it was gone from the store when I went to download it.

    I bought Tweetie 1 when it first came out and have been relatively happy with it... now that I see Tweetie 2 is out, I was about to buy it ,when I noticed Tweetie 1 is no longer available. Doesn't anyone else see a problem with this? What happens if something happens to the Twitter API, forcing all developers of all platforms to rewrite some code. Wouldn't that mean the thousands of people who bought Tweetie 1 would be SOL?

    I'm all for paying developers for coming out with newer versions of their software.. and people here are complaining about how the App Store buyers shouldn't be bitching about having to spend $3 here and there when normal Desktop apps can cost $10, $20, $30 etc.. but there's a difference... If I go to buy a Mac App, there's always the old version that I can download if I so choose.

    I paid for Tweetie 1.. this means that if my computer goes, and I lose my downloaded version, i'll never be able to download it again? Or if i'm on the road and my iPhone has a problem and I want to re-download through the App Store, I can't? Sorry, but that's not acceptable to me.

    Look at Pangea Software's Enigmo for example. I bought that and had fun with it. Enigmo 2 is out, but it's not replacing Enigmo... Both versions are available...

    This is ridiculous. Especially when Loren and all his loyal followers are justifying the price because Tweetie 2 is a new app, not an upgrade. If that's the case then why is the app it's NOT replacing gone from the App Store?

    This dude is scheisty. I wish I hadn't paid for either of his apps.

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  • Essentially for a puppy cut,

  • groovebuster
    Aug 1, 01:52 AM
    Can you imagine if You Car stero no longer had CD player slots, but Say a new Credit Card size flash drive with 8 GBs... that'd be nice...
    Yes, I can... and that would be awesome! It's nice that you can connect your iPod to the car stereo (if it has a line-in), but just another expensive gadget you need to carry around all the time and overall very expensive. Since years I am waiting for a car stereo that is capable of using SD or CF cards. MP3 playback from CDs is already no issue anymore since years. When the next logical step is finally coming?

    To me the whole Disc format in every way is a pain...
    Yup,... it is yesterday's technology on steroids...


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  • imahawki
    May 3, 01:29 PM
    ...every time?

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  • NCW
    Sep 6, 11:02 PM
    Updated from earlier in the month.

    what geeklet is the htc sense style clock??

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  • Mondays
    Oct 10, 09:57 AM

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  • bradl
    Apr 13, 07:27 PM
    Oh silly gays when will you learn. ;)but yeah if a white person called me a n word i'd be mad so the same applies here. I'd be pissed if someone called me a bundle of stocks. :D

    If a white person called you the N word, you should be examining your tolerance in their ignorance as well as their ignorance. You shouldn't be so quick to react, because they are looking for that reaction out of you; that is why they call you it. It could be said that you are living up to the slur that you are being called.

    Disclaimer: I'm also Black. I don't let the word get to me because it empowers them if I show any reaction to it that doesn't benefit me.

    Back on topic though.. the F word.. what were to happen if you were overseas (the UK, for example), and someone uses the F word while drawing a puff from the Camel or Marlboro in their mouth. Would you be so quick to judge and react then?


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  • Lord Blackadder
    May 5, 12:49 PM
    Nope, not too squeamish just going by the thread title. It's torture, there you happy?

    No, I'm not, because I want it to stop. But at least you are speaking in plain english now.

    Again, we are not europe. So europe doesn't torture and where has that gotten them? They still get attacked by terrorists, even sweden, go figure. Moral superiority or not, safety of our nation and other western nations is more important. If torture is needed to get that information and save thousands of lives, then we should do it.

    This has nothing to do with Europe vs the US. Europe doesn't have any bearing on whether Americans feel torture is an acceptable activity. I don't think we need to torture people in order to combat terrorism. Torture is wrong, it damages our credibility and brutalizes us as a society. I want no part in it, and bin Laden's carcass is a very poor reward for the hundreds of thousands of people who have died during this quest to find him. After 9/11, the US received genuine sympathy from all over the world. We've squandered that goodwill and then some over the last decade.

    Someone has to do the dirty work, and it's always us. But that's ok, that's how it's always been and it's why we're such a proud nation.

    American exceptionalism at its worst. As long as you think you're better than everyone else, you'll be blind to reality and it will cost us in the end.

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  • Yvan256
    Oct 31, 12:26 PM
    Sorry about playing grammar police, but this one was just too egregious for me. "gen." is an abbreviation, not an acronym. Laser is an acronym: Laser=L.A.S.E.R.=Light Amplified by Stimulating Emissions of Radiation.

    Oups, you're right, my mistake. I meant to say abbreviation, not acronym. Thanks.

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  • Don't panic
    Oct 6, 05:21 PM
    All fine and dandy that they're putting in new features...

    but make it stable and make it compatible with most of the websites out there. Safari is so behind some other browsers...

    it crashes regularly, even on macrumors or on the apple site!
    just make it work!

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  • SevenInchScrew
    May 2, 11:37 PM
    Oooooooh, R32!!

    Those MKII MR2s and the FC RX7 are extra awesome looking as well. I really, REALLY love 90s-ish Japanese cars. So many amazing vehicles back then.

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  • bretm
    Oct 7, 12:03 AM
    No it doesn't. Seriously, I've visited this site zillions of times and Safari has never crashed on it.

    As for resizable text areas, it's a good idea in theory. Too many "web designers" think they are designing for print...the user is supposed to have control over how things look. That's one of the whole points of the web; everything should be as relative as possible.


    If the user (who knows nothing of design, fonts, color, etc.) has control over the presentation of a company's image then there is absolutely no point in having a designer. Might as well have the intern throw something up there. Think before you write.

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  • berkut
    Nov 13, 06:31 PM
    From the Transformers 2 Blu Ray, watch the documentaries when Bay is visiting his editors, 4 editors cutting separately, they all had Mac setups with FCP running.

    So now I wonder if they used both FCP and Avid. And the quote from the editor is stupid on that link "I don't know anyone doing 200mil movies and not cutting them on media composer". Benjamin Button was cut on FCP and it's a 200mil movie.

    Are you sure it was FCP and not just the generic NLE layout you saw?

    They wouldn't use both - if they were using MC, the only other app they might export to would be Scratch.

    Also, he's technically correct: Benjamin Button's budget was $150 million.

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  • jonnysods
    Mar 26, 01:20 PM
    I would prefer if they could hire a team of people to make the lockscreen more valuable than a picture frame.

    Seriously, why can't I have a calendar, some email and text headers? Or have them find a way to remind me that I have a calendar alert?

    That would seriously make my phone a magical device.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 31, 10:18 AM
    I think the free 38 character engraving is one of the things that makes this product so special. Buying one without it seems to devalue it's significance to me. :rolleyes: :confused: :eek:

    Examples of cool engravings would be:

    Reward 4 Return 555.555.6789 Taylor B.
    Frank Ford 555.555.6789 Please Return
    Always in my thoughts. Love, Fred
    Always in my thoughts. Love, Claudia
    When you speak, it's music to my ears.
    Always listen carefully. Love, Charles

    Ahh Multi, always so enthused by the little things...

    How about:

    "Happy Birthday, you're adopted!"
    "My alcoholism = no nano for you"
    "Merom will double your battery life"

    Apr 7, 02:27 PM
    Best sit in arcade game ever !!!!

    I must admit that the sit-in version did give that in-the-X-Wing-cockpit feeling. My favorite sit-in, though, was Omega Race.

    By the way, InuNacho, yes, the original sounds for Yar's Revenge left a lot to be desired. However, Yar's Revenge was IMHO the best original (i.e. not adapted from an arcade version) Atari 2600 sci-fi game in terms of gameplay.

    ...Debate, anyone?

    Apr 6, 11:57 AM
    How much is that?

    Not much really when you stop and think about. You can get 12TB of storage on Newegg (let's say 4000 3TB drives) for a couple hundred grand. Of course Apple is buying more than just drives.

    May 1, 02:24 PM
    However, look at the profits and Apple makes around the same or more than the entire Samsung conglomerate with 1/5 the workforce.

    samsung afaik OWNS and runs their own factories, largely is SK and other nations. their employees spend their salaries and pay taxes.

    apple outsources all manufacturing. None in US. When what do they do with such big pile of cash made from not running factories? They park it in some overseas bank account to avoid paying tax to US.

    Don't be fooled by headcount/profit ratio.

    Feb 14, 07:36 PM
    In hindsight, I think I may have been high on Vegemite when I posted this. On that note, I'm gonna go eat some Vegemite.

    Could we use that on some of the bad users? I've heard that it can also be used as road and roof patch. :p

    Sep 3, 01:36 PM
    here's mine, my first post in this thread

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