Friday, May 20, 2011

Star Tattoo Shoulder

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  • bogeybro
    Apr 25, 01:57 PM
    Thanks worked perfectly

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  • Clive At Five
    Oct 19, 08:47 PM

    Not really expecting anything out of this one. I just thought it's be a fun visualization.



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  • 666sheep
    Mar 29, 04:11 PM
    Yes, Kingston you've linked will work OK. Plus it has lifetime manufacturer's warranty (which really works). But I'd recommend the same brand but PC3200 (400 MHz). It's more futureproof - if you'd buy MDD with faster bus (or overclock this one's bus to 167 MHz) or G5 in the future, then you'll be able to use this RAM with it.

    Other brand, like Crucial, Corsair will also work:

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  • zap2
    May 4, 11:51 PM
    It would simply indicate a failure of intelligence, and would invalidate any trial evidence. His death is meaningless anyway.
    Who wants retribution? Your country has just destroyed two other nations and caused the deaths of in the region of a million people, including 4,000 US soldiers, and more or less bankrupted itself, all for what, 3,000 dead, in a search for one man? Is that retribution, or is it lunacy? How many more people now want retribution on the USA?

    You're over play that part, I agree generally with what you are saying(although the million estimate is on the higher end, its not without sources) but America had NOT bankrupted itself, it just needs to cut spending, a lot.

    But thats not all because of 9/11, we just did balance the budget well overall, both on spending at home and spending internationally.

    Actually he was just on O'Reilly claiming that statement was taken out of context, and stating plain as day that KSM was waterboarded by the CIA.

    Just give a link, please. That way we all have access to the same info, and we can all talk about it equally

    Right now, no one can argue with you because they only have your short hand story, where you narrow it down only to support your point, thats not wrong, its just not a useful starting point.

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  • MusclezMarinara
    Mar 9, 09:12 AM
    Looking to buy a lightly used imac or mac mini

    Been on ebay but would imagine a more reputable place would be here if anyone has any useful input id appreciate it


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  • manu chao
    Apr 4, 01:55 PM
    In general: you sometimes don't get that option in a very straight forward way - and they still might sell your address (maybe not FT, but others)
    Again, every newspaper subscription form I have seen has these boxes but that might depend on whether legislation requires it and whether companies (try to) break the law.

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  • jedivulcan
    Apr 4, 10:46 AM
    If the AT&T + T-Mobile acquisition/merger goes through, the FCC and FTC should just close up shop and take whatever money they use to run those government bodies and return them to the tax payers. I mean, seriously, what's the point?

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  • Elan0204
    Aug 13, 07:46 PM
    I don't miss the happy mac, but I think that is a great avatar. Excellent use of animation, and incorporation of the 1,000,000.

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  • tritonj
    Feb 9, 02:52 PM
    Here are the questions that remain to be officially answered:

    � Which voice plans qualify and which don't?

    � For those using Google Voice, is your own Google Voice number (since GV can be configured to call you) considered landline or mobile? What about the GV passthrough numbers for your non-GV contacts?

    � So the A-list and rollover minutes essentially became useful only for U.S. landline numbers, correct?

    the fine print states it has to be a direct mobile number, so Google Voice probably doesn't qualify

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  • CJS7070
    May 1, 04:34 PM
    Just go to File>Print, there will be an option to print a list of songs sorted by your preference.

    Good luck!

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  • balamw
    Mar 28, 09:00 PM
    Does this help:


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  • scotty96LSC
    Aug 1, 07:59 AM
    An Oldie but Goodie of mine.
    I don't remember where I got the wallpaper, but PM me and I can send a 1680 � 1050 jpeg.
    •Geektool running computer info, iTunes, Weather
    •icons from Deviant Art, Mica_folders_by_antikkia

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  • patrick s.
    Dec 7, 09:29 AM
    those arent themes. the temp and weather are done by using GeekTool (

    HERE ( is the thread on this site describing all the scripts that are used.

    and the iTunes info is done by using BowTie (

    thanks :)

    I'm reading the thread now while I download geektool

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  • wordoflife
    Oct 2, 04:35 PM
    I can never get these attachments to work ... :o

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 27, 01:10 PM
    I am not defending Full of Win. I sincerely am not.

    But some people should keep in mind that it's entirely possible to love a company's products while not liking part or all of the actual company or how they operate on given occasions.

    It's very easy for some here to just throw out the term troll and hater just because someone isn't accepting of Apple's PR, etc.

    Now go ahead an tag this with your "-1" too :)

    Your point is quite valid, but this is specifically directed at Full of Win who has a long history of making anti-Apple comments here. It's certainly true that he might like their products and hate the company that makes it. His comments are so over the top, so factually slanted, that he gets criticized for it.

    Either he is sincere, in which he might take the advice to heart. Or he is trolling, in which case he is already doing precisely what he set out to do, in which case nothing will change.

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  • twoodcc
    Jan 29, 06:21 PM
    Well that was fun ....
    I am not entirely sure everything is running right, i am doing one work unit every 26 hours on the mac... its the SMP client and its a dual core 2.8ghz .. i get the feeling if i were running it on my bootcamp partion it would be better plus then i could utilize the graphics processer as well

    however i installed ubuntu on the other 3.06ghz pc and well lets say that folding doesn't like it ... so i am now installing open Suse... so far so good ...

    Selected Unit:

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  • mcdj
    Mar 27, 03:18 PM
    randy, are you concluding this is false advertising?

    It's been said a hundred times...the auction title does NOT say it's an auction for a photo, and it is not listed in the correct category. Ebay even specifically gives an option to report an item that is miscategorized (in active auctions) or misrepresented (completed auctions). It's a violation of their terms, legal or otherwise.

    And to the person earlier who tried to argue that many things are bought and sold in the wrong categories, this is true. However, those auctions were most likely not created with ill intent, solely for the purpose of hoping someone doesn't propey read the auction description.

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  • skellener
    Apr 4, 11:23 AM
    And so how is merging with T-Mobile going to open up choice, provide more competition and benefit customers? Sounds like they are just getting an early start on price gouging here.

    Not only should the merger be rejected but AT&T should be broken into about 5 separate companies.

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  • mattyuk
    Jan 1, 03:26 PM
    Awesome Xmas.

    Feb 14, 09:23 PM
    wow that is tempting! i'm tellin ya, if you can afford it, gotta get that EVGA SR-2!

    Don't you need the equivalent Xeon processors for the SR2?

    Yeah that would go so beautifully in my Lian Li case :cool: I'd spend $200 if I can fine one for that price.

    May 2, 02:27 PM
    Here is the link to the hardware:

    What would be the best software to access the sd card? ifile?

    Feb 29, 05:25 PM
    Hey, if you get any extra pm's please send them my way. I was like 30 seconds late on getting the one posted an hour ago. Thanks!

    Dec 1, 05:58 PM

    Dec 11, 01:17 AM

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