Saturday, May 21, 2011

Star Wars Trilogy Blu Ray

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  • jrko
    Apr 5, 03:39 AM
    Since they are used they may have the older version.

    The 2 port card was used but the 4 port is brand spanking new - not bad for AU$105 including shipping from Oz :D

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  • ortuno2k
    Jan 9, 04:09 PM
    I was dissapointed, very dissapointed that there was no word on a new version of iWork, iLife and Leopard.
    While the iPhone looks really nice, I could really care-less about one of them. The iTV...err, Apple TV doesn't catch my attention much either.
    Overall 4/10 for the products released (I was expecting more), 8/10 for innovation.

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  • igucl
    Dec 8, 04:23 PM
    Mine as of today.

    InterfaceLift link:

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  • Patricia0709
    May 1, 09:32 PM
    So I got my Photoshop on Mac last year and somehow, I think I accidentally pressed something. I used to have a transparent background whenever I use it so I can see the desktop but now it's all gray and boring. How do I turn it back? I have the Translucent option checked btw. Thanks for any help that will come.

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  • iphonecrazyful
    Oct 9, 02:51 PM
    As will I :D

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  • entraik
    Apr 25, 12:13 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    White iPhone ... The hot new accessory for females this summer.

    most ignorant statement ever.

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 25, 06:58 AM
    Better late than never?

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  • Ateace3
    Aug 10, 03:22 PM

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  • notjustjay
    Mar 21, 02:48 PM
    Hi. Thanks. I think your right. The solution may be for me to send the "hourly" thing the way of the dodo. Set prices will help protect me from chiselers who claim they can only afford so many hours.

    I don't think that's necessarily what he meant -- only that you should raise your hourly rate.

    It's up to you whether you charge by set prices or by hourly rates, but you do need to be able to accurately estimate the work involved -- if you underestimate the work and price according to that, then you're stuck in the same boat.

    Perhaps a combination of approaches. A website, for example, might start at $500, which includes 2 hours of client consultation and 10 hours of work, and two hours of after-sales support work. Additional hours beyond this are charged at $40/hour. I made up those numbers from thin air, but you get the idea.

    That way you're covered in both directions. A piddly little site doesn't yield piddly little money, and the big complex clients get to pay accordingly too.

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  • 7o7munoz7o7
    Apr 25, 12:18 AM
    what's the difference between the black iph4 and the white?

    i think one is white and one black

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  • Vegasman
    Apr 4, 02:05 PM
    Apple does allow opt-in, just not opt-out. So the problem lies with the FT.

    Not really.

    The terms with FT are that if you want to use their service you must provide them with the information. Then you can choose what you allow them to do with this information.

    If Apple does not want to allow FT to work that way they are effectively saying they don't want to do business with FT. And this is why FT is "holding out."

    Apple doesn't like the T&C's of FT.
    FT does not like the T&C's of Apple.

    So they are choosing not to do business with each other. Happens all the time.

    Apple users are the only ones that lose here.

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  • CrAkD
    Apr 30, 04:28 PM
    Anyone get one of these working yet?

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Aug 13, 09:55 PM
    Here's mine...
    [pic of Betty Draper]

    Mad Men��such a great show, original?

    like the texture of this

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  • Hermes Monster
    Feb 28, 04:20 PM
    I think you need to look in to what software you would like or what you can afford. Also, what sort of graphics are you wanting to create? Illustrations or photo based images?

    Photoshop and Illustrator are the standards but are very expensive �4-600. Try GIMP in the meantime, it's a decent free app.

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  • geniusj
    Apr 4, 01:29 PM
    So you would rather Deutsche Telekom just shut them down? You can't force them to run an unprofitable business..

    T-Mobile USA is a profitable business. That information is readily available.

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  • E3BK
    Jan 7, 04:21 PM
    As it seems that Tweetie will never re-implement the old RT style, I've been playing with a few other apps. I don't mind paying for apps that give me what I'm looking for. I cross my fingers for an update but I doubt I will ever pay for another app from Loren. Unfortunate since it was my favorite app until the last update. I paid for it twice and recommended it to so many people. The RT style is a big deal to me. Sorry. His unwillingness to listen to users that paid for his app really bothers me.

    Twittelator is feature packed but maybe too much so? There's a lot of control over the look but it just always feels cluttered to me.

    Simplytweet is also a pretty good app but a bit outdated as they haven't updated in a while with the new features. But it's a nice simple app with Push. The dev is working on a new app and I'm really looking forward to it. I got this for free when it was first released and I'd be willing to pay for the new app if it looks good.

    Twitbird Pro is another one I got for free when it was first released and I've started using it again since the last update. It rocks my socks! I've not paid for the push feature but I really don't need it since I get an SMS when I get DM's and check it often enough. lol. I love the themes and how you can change the background image. It has all the features I want and none of that extra crap no one uses. Who the hell cares about Favstar????

    One thing I *really* want to see more of is being able to post to Flickr. That is probably one of the things I miss most about Tweetie (even though it's not native).

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  • Heilage
    Mar 20, 04:23 PM
    I've argued with Christians on a similar point. Shouldn't they allow the killers to have the rest of their natural lives to accept Jesus as their savior? And by executing them, we're saying to Jesus, "in your face! We decide, not you!"

    Logic has no bearing on this discussion. I would ask you to refrain from such nonsense.


    A rope, chair and ceiling hook should be provided, on the chance that you don't like the accomodations.

    Nope. If you don't like it, life sucks.

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  • princealfie
    Nov 30, 08:45 AM
    sure it does...

    Sorry but Tower Records is gone, bankrupt, and off the map in their physical stores. The website is there for comestic reasons.

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  • Yvan256
    Oct 6, 08:30 AM
    No. It's fairly common sense stuff really to stick code in like class="title" instead of class="blue" to infer structure in a document, not the design.
    I'm sorry to say that "class=title" is not structure either. It may look structured to you in the code (especially compared to "class=blue"), but it has no meaning as far as content structure goes. You should be using the headings tags (H1, H2, etc) and then apply styles to those tags.

    Unless you're using <h1 class="title">, in which case I'll have to say "redundant". ;-)

    Oct 12, 05:58 PM

    I think that answers the photoshop myth... BUSTED!!

    Mar 30, 02:27 PM
    I would go with the 9800 also. The Geforce 6200 I have doesn't work in MDD's for some odd reason but does work in all other AGP G4 towers. The 9800 will also outperform a GF 6200.

    Be sure to get a Radeon 9800 Pro rather than a regular 9800. About the same prices but the Pro is faster.

    Apr 13, 11:33 AM
    Can you guys answer 1 question for me?

    When the next iPhone does come out how will iPhone 4 Verizon customers be able to upgrade? Do you think that Verizon and AT&T will work out an early upgrade for them?

    Or do you think people who want the iPhone on Verizon will have already waited for the 5.

    Once your contract is up you are probably ready for iphone 6.

    In the meantime, penalty for earlier upgrade would be my guess.

    ................BUT 2 years is a lot of time for technology in the cellular field.

    By then there may be a whole new way of doing that business out there.

    Apple could become a player in that field like Skype. They can do it via ichat, face time or itunes or mobile me.

    Maybe in the future we don't need cellphone providers, just data access companies. A wifi network all over the country may do.
    Their North Carolina facility is only starting up........

    Oct 21, 01:41 AM
    Does anyone out there know how to change the system Fonts on Lotus Notes for Mac?

    I use the program to connect to my company email while at home, but the fonts are so small I have to change my display resolution in order to read messages.

    The only thing I've found is under system preferences which allows you to change the font, but not the size of the font.

    The help menu tells how it can be done in Windows by changing the lotus.ini file settings, but all it tells me for the Mac version is to go to Preferences.

    Medium Rare
    Feb 21, 03:16 PM
    Anyone have an email address to send a request for the addition of a radio station to iTunes ?

    Thanks in advance

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