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Wallpapers For Blackberry Curve 8900

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  • rtdunham
    Nov 20, 09:43 PM
    This second version would incoporate Apple's iChat software and may be dubbed "iChat mobile". According to Wu, Instant Messaging (rather than email) would be the focus of the device.

    i think i'm missing something. my cheapo sprint phone text messages. my daughters' phones do. the person sitting next to me at the football game yesterday was IM'g. is the ability to IM something that belongs in the second version of an apple phone? how many new phones lack that ability, as the first version iPhone presumably would? i need a perspective. thanks.

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  • Iskender
    Apr 28, 06:29 AM
    Of course it will not be sold better than GSM model. Do Apple realize that most of the people from around the world buying from USA, not from the oficial stores and making jailbreak or so on to use it in their local network, this is because its very expensive outside of the USA. Personally I hate that logic of Apple not to think about rest of the world, if Apple want to be a global brand so the pricing politics should be equal I think. And the second reason is that at the rest of the world there are so little CDMA networks so people won't buy it. Apples marketing strategy is very weird, they release everything late, but sometimes release a new technology like multitouch etc.

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  • McGiord
    May 1, 10:41 AM
    I agree that "Castle" is a red herring. The iCloud website just announced their new name, "CloudMe." It seems unlikely that a site name change is created unless directed by new management. Also, the url "" redirects to "" I'm guessing this is a juxtaposition of 'iCloud' and 'MobileMe'. Such juxtapositions would make sense if a company wanted to retain brand loyalties.

    Also, if the updated website is any indication, I'd bet the Apple schema will be 3-tiered:
    1. All users-free 3Gb cloud storage with 150MB/file and adverts.
    2. $50/yr-25GB, 150MB/file, NO advertisements.
    3. $100/yr-100GB, no limits on filesize, no ads.

    This way, they avoid the "email for life" fiasco of the earlier .mac, yet retain financial incentive to continue serving cloud services.

    But aren't the former owners of the domain now running their business using the website?

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  • Spooner83
    Apr 7, 05:12 PM
    WTF, what about gestures for the iPad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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  • fireman32
    Feb 19, 04:45 PM
    Here is my current one

    Please share this. Awesome picture

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Dec 20, 12:57 AM
    Nice! :cool:

    Smoother loop than #1, too... :)

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  • Dorfdad
    Nov 26, 11:57 AM
    no one?

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  • SonoViva
    Apr 6, 03:02 PM
    I can't read "petabyte" out loud without thinking of Peter Griffin and his accent.

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  • jetjaguar
    Aug 5, 03:56 PM (


    thats really nice .. how did you do that ? the movies dir and stuff

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  • louisusm
    Apr 19, 02:33 PM
    Overnight my sirius app stops working once the screen fades out or I hit the button on the bottom or top of the ipad.

    any ideas?

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  • obeygiant
    Mar 16, 04:13 PM
    Wow...I could give a damn what she was wearing she isn't asking to be raped.

    Of course she didn't. But certainly if one was dressed as a 21 year old prostitute they'd get much more attention from whomever would commit a rape.

    It's interesting how similar hardcore Christian conservatives are to hardcore conservative Muslims.

    How is that? Christians are making their women wear burkhas now?

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  • barca10
    Feb 1, 10:44 AM
    Clean Black & Red

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  • Mister Snitch
    Apr 6, 11:55 AM
    12 Petabytes, is that all (Lame).

    *Sarcastic Post

    In a few years you'll have that much in your wristwatch.

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  • Matt T
    Oct 5, 06:50 PM
    I'm a web designer and I think that part of good web design is flexibility and compatibility; in other words, a good website design should be one that can be customized at the will of the user, such as resizing a text box that is too small.

    Besides, have you seen this in action? (I got a 403 when I tried to view the blog - I don't know about you). Do we know that resizing a text box will rearrange any other elements of the site? Knowing Apple, they've probably come up with some way to resize the text box in a non-destructive manor, and maybe resize it back to it's original size when a user isn't using it. Does that make sense?

    All these features sound like great additions to Safari - especially searching text in a web page; it's about bloody time Apple!

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  • Melrose
    Dec 8, 05:58 PM
    Lately I've been going for audio equipment. :)

    I don't have the original to link to but you can get it on the AKG website.

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  • Mudbug
    Aug 19, 12:07 AM

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  • dpfenninger
    Apr 7, 02:28 PM
    Same here, but you can close Photos from the multitasking bar to reset it.

    Yes, I've noticed this exact same bug from time to time after upgrading to 4.3. And yes as noted, you can clear the bug by just quitting Photos from the multitasking screen.

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  • Designer Dale
    Apr 10, 04:55 PM
    According to the DA page, Corel Painter and Adobe PhotoShop. And a ton of talent.


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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 13, 10:01 PM
    Hi, the best you are going to get is either the MDP-DVI adapters by Kanex or by Altona.. I am using the Kanex version and it works rather well driving the 24 inch LED Cinema display, but can't get isight to work for some reason.

    Nov 20, 02:21 PM
    After reading his previous predictions, Shaw Wu is about as good a fortune teller as Carnac.

    Yeah, what an idiot. Apparently this guy gets paid bug bucks to read about stuff on MacRumors and Slashdot all day and assemble them into predictions.

    Wait a second...

    Apr 7, 09:35 AM
    Can't say i've had any problems on my iPhone or iPad.


    Dec 14, 04:21 PM
    Here's the second in my series of PPC to Intel transition related animations. This fine piece of artwork is titled "Flush" :p

    Apr 28, 06:32 PM
    I have Dragon Dictation, and I love it...but you have to open the app each time, then tap more buttons on the screen to insert it into a text message, a twitter update, etc.

    Has anyone come up with a jailbreak extensions that adds the functionality of Dragon Dictation natively to SMS, email etc?

    The one thing I miss from my old Android phone.

    Oct 15, 05:36 PM
    dualscreen, 2nd 90degree portrait mode. Image was from

    Can't find the picture, since I don't read chinese or Japanese... I don't even know what language is it. Can you help out?

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