Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • iDisk
    Mar 23, 12:06 PM
    Serlet, is a pure (if you will) technical computer engineer... He get enjoyment about scientific computation, advanced algorithms, multi-threaded efficiency. The guy was nicknamed the "mad scientist" by Jobs himself, not because of his appearance, but because of he advanced studies in engineering and scientific computation.

    He's like the man in the tech French community.

    I can understand why he may want to leave, he's been gradually selling off his stock of Apple in recent years as well, so this makes sense.

    Apple is more iOS then OS X and since Forstall heads the iOS development, there was no viable way Bertrand could have stayed on when Apple decided to merge the OS's.

    I say it's a big loss for Apple. Though Craig should be a pleasant transition, and maybe a more frequent keynote speaker, since he's more understandable to the public.

    Serlet will be missed. He's pretty much one of the Core brains behind OS X

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  • nagromme
    Mar 31, 11:33 AM
    It's cool, but totally pointless other than being used as a tech demo.

    I fully expect that the control will not be fine enough on the layers / brushes, etc to be acceptable for commercial or even personal use. It's hard enough to select and erase layer parts when using a WACOM tablet on a PC or Mac... Now we do the same thing with fingerpaint precision....

    There are already quite a few VERY good paint/editing apps on iOS that support layers. And quite a few people doing amazing, precise freehand work. Zoom helps! And touching your work directly removes a creative barrier. Compared to looking one place and moving your hand someplace else (Wacom or mouse; although people adapt well to those too).

    Desktops/laptops won’t go away, but the iPad is ALREADY being used for serious production, and that will only grow as multitasking (the new gestures) and file management/sharing (wireless and painless?) catch up. iOS is still young!

    The way I look at the iPad for serious creative work is that current apps typically offer 1/4 of the full power of a desktop app... and most of us only use 1/20 of that power anyway! So find the app that has the tools you need... or find several apps! And what makes up for that limited power? Much greater ease and convenience. You’ll still use your desktop Photoshop (etc.) as well, but an iPad in the production mix can be a great tool. (And an iPad plus a ton of great creative apps costs less than many single desktop programs!)

    My tiny-screen iPhone already had a role in my creative production work. That will only grow (literally) with a bigger screen!

    I’d love to see more offerings from Adobe. (I actually really like Adobe Ideas on iPhone. It’s a vector program of sorts with a paint program UI. Images zoom sharply to any size when exported as PDF.)

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  • roadbloc
    May 3, 10:52 AM
    Hey I'm MobileMe.

    And I'm Google's Services.

    Hey, Google! Hear the good news? iCloud is here. And it's not going to have any of the problems MobileMe had.

    I feel I've heard this before...


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  • Lord Blackadder
    Jan 13, 02:02 PM
    VW has had some nasty problems, especially in the electronics dept. I believe they are getting better, though I haven't seen any recent news on it. Fiat seems to have been a blessing for Chrysler.

    Two points:

    1. I agree about the electrics, to an extent. Years ago, my old man bought an '88 Jetta, and it had two main problems - the electrical systems were horrible, and the body was not properly galvanized. It rusted before our eyes (hole in the floor after just 5 years) and most of the major electrical subsystems needed replacement within 5 years. However, it's worth noting that the Mexican-built VWs and the German-made VWs are quite different in quality. I may be wrong, but I believe that US-market GTIs are still made in Germany, and are the most reliable of the bunch. Several other VW-owning friends of mine have experienced a couple electrical gremlins here or there, but in terms of quality I'd still put VW's cars over the American Big Three for the most part. The interiors especially were superior.

    2. Funny that you point out FIAT as a bringer of quality to Chryselr...Chrysler must be pretty bad if that's the case, as FIAT has a reputation for making sensationally unrealiable cars. I'll concede that they have improved dramatically in the last ten years, but you know what I mean. For me, the best thing about FIAT's new relationship with Chrysler will be the arrival of FIATs in the USA and access to FIAT's small car (particularly diesel - fingers crossed) technology.

    Of course bland sells in the mid-size market. The Accord and Camry are the largest selling cars in the US.

    I consider myself a bit of an automotive enthusaist, and I distinguish between autos that are intended to be appliances(Camry/Accord/Corolla/Minivans/basic Pickups etc etc) versus autos that are intended to be driven by enthusiasts.

    The Jetta was always kind of borderline between the two categories, but the VR6 and turbo models were definitely budget enthusiast cars. The same could be said about the Passat as a luxury car. With the new versions, I think they are decidely more "appliance" and less "driver's car".

    Think VW USA is missing the mark at what made VW a drivers car in the end.... this one looks cheap to me :(

    VW's core customer base is yuppies and budget driving enthusiasts (with a smattering of tuners thrown in for good measure). Most of those people will probably not like the new version as much as the old. But, to be fair, VW's stated goal is to sell this new Passat to new people, to expand the customer base. So that necessarily involved some dumbing-down. We'll see if the gamble pays off.


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  • -y0-
    Apr 4, 10:24 PM
    Simple :D

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  • jouster
    Mar 25, 02:39 PM
    How about getting two notifications. Try telling me what the first one was? That's right, you will have no clue. Try using Android or WebOS for about 10 minutes and you will realize how obtrusive and useless notifications are in iOS.


    I bought an unlocked Pixi (what a weird phrase...) as my iPhone is on its last legs and I want to wait until the iPhone 5 before upgrading. It's hard to overstate how much better the notifications are than the iOS ones.


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  • nashmills
    Apr 5, 01:16 PM
    I have just updated my 3rd gen Touch in iTunes and it is now on 4.2.1. I want to jailbreak with redsn0w but I can only find an 4.3.1 ipsw file. Is this the correct one to use please?

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  • untypoed
    Apr 12, 05:49 PM
    i just use the boring wallpaper that came with the macbook pro...i feel lame...these are so beautiful

    Show it anyways. :cool:


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  • MacBytes
    Jan 5, 11:38 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: TheMacMind: MacWorld Expo 2004 Coverage (

    Posted on (

    Approved by arn

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  • rdowns
    Mar 23, 11:26 AM many articles about NON Mac


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  • reubs
    Dec 8, 08:43 AM
    I love your desktop! Any chance you could give me a link for the icons you have (dock and the hard-drive icon which is awesome)?



    The wallpaper is great too lol :D


    ChristMAC Icons:

    Santa Mail:

    Bowtie-Christmas (used for iTunes):

    WP (don't know original source):

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  • iAppleBook
    Feb 3, 12:42 PM
    How do you change the colour of the finder bar? and what other apps are running on the finder bar?


    Both monitors are on a rotation of HD nature wallpapers like these ones. =)

    And yes that weather is accurate. Lots of snow and cold here in the Northeast. :cool: It was -23 a week ago, so Im feelin' toasty,


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  • cbrain
    Jan 11, 05:30 PM

    I will be watching the live coverage of Macworld, but there are time differences, so what time should I log on to see the coverage?

    Thanks. :)

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  • Axemantitan
    Mar 22, 02:44 AM
    Additional info:

    The Japanese earthquake has resulted in the suspension of one-quarter of the global production of silicon wafers used to make semiconductors (


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  • WestonHarvey1
    Apr 25, 08:36 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    You might think my comment was stupid, or perhaps ludicrous, but please explain to me what about it was ignorant?

    Not sure what's "ignorant" about it. My wife is so excited. She can't wait. Why wouldn't people think the white iPhone would appeal to women?

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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 2, 04:43 PM
    apple says no, and i can confirm this on my new 2nd gen shuffle. there is a slight gap.

    Yep... Confirmed here too. But for the size, design and price of this little unit I just can't find anything to complain about. ...The laser engraving could have been a bit bigger, but hey I can read it just fine - just my name and phone number in case I lose it at the gym.


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  • zorinlynx
    Apr 5, 09:36 PM
    Makes me wonder how much more awesome iOS would be as a platform if Apple wouldn't try to artificially segment their product lines like this. :P

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  • Coffee87
    Feb 2, 09:15 AM
    Monthly Desktops Guidelines:
    � For large images use [timg] rather than [img]
    � Use attachments when necessary so images don't disappear when they are removed from their source
    � When possible, include links to the full-sized original so others can download them. If you don't want to share, state that in your posts so others don't continue to ask for links.
    � When quoting a post with images, remove the images to reduce clutter
    � Please report any posts you feel need attention by clicking on this icon: .
    � If you would like an original wallpaper I would recommend using TinEye

    Is that iTunes up in the menu bar? If so, how?? :)

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  • Ace 7
    Sep 2, 02:06 PM

    May 2, 01:25 PM
    I really don't know anything....but....

    I think that Apple MAY start selling computers (in what ever form they come) with subscriptions to "iCloud". They can save costs by throwing in a small SSD with enough space for iOS (which will be on all Apple machines by default) and letting users subscribe to the iCloud for space.

    All at an amazing discount, much like the iPhone. Millions of users are doing this with their iPhones, not realizing (really) how much their iPhone is costing them over time. $199 just sounds like a great price. Imagine that, but it's an iMac for only $399 and $14.99 for an iCloud account. If you don't want an iCloud account, you pay regular price. This model works well for the iPhone.

    You can always get local space, by buying your own hard drive and adding it.

    I really don't know, but this idea came to me. I'm interested in seeing how MobileMe is going to change this year and if Apple comes up with something like this.

    Go Apple!

    Mar 31, 12:27 PM
    The Gorillaz love to experiment and Damon Albarn mentioned himself that he loves to challenge himself whist creating his works. In other words, this will not be a continuing trend. I doubt very much will other artists will follow suit.

    That said: touche. I can't believe I missed that. I think I need to strike out the word impossible and put impractical.

    I fully agree that this won't be a mainstream endeavour. I just had to object to the "Impossible" claim. ;)

    Mar 31, 09:57 AM (

    As covered by Photography Bay (, Adobe yesterday used its keynote address at Photoshop World 2011 to briefly show off a new concept for a Photoshop app for iPad offering support for layers, a significant leap beyond the capabilities found in the company's current Photoshop Express ( app.

    Photography Bay has also posted a brief video ( of the demo showing how layers can be used on the iPad.

    The functionality remains a demo concept with no word on when or if it will make it to a public launch, but Adobe has openly acknowledged ( that it is looking at ways to support more complex Photoshop functionalities on tablets such as the iPad, and has even shown off concepts ( for how some of those tools might be implemented.

    Article Link: Adobe Shows Off Photoshop for iPad With Layer Support (

    Mar 24, 10:19 AM
    So who gets to decide what constitutes being dressed "slutty"?

    Aug 15, 09:16 AM (

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