Wednesday, June 1, 2011

chateau de versailles

chateau de versailles. France Ile-de-France Château
  • France Ile-de-France Château

  • jubjub
    Nov 20, 01:42 PM
    My Siemens MC60 is getting pretty old. I really hope they release it before February 9th (my birthday:D ).

    Best birthday ever! :)

    I'd replace my t610 in 3 seconds flat.

    chateau de versailles. Le château de Versailles
  • Le château de Versailles

  • Keynoteuser
    May 12, 01:08 PM
    I wrote that, so I'm sure I'm the one who misspelled NEW. It should say NEW themes, not NEWS themes. If you get a chance to fix it, you can remove my post too :)

    chateau de versailles. Château de Versailles
  • Château de Versailles

  • dgirl
    Sep 27, 05:14 PM
    HiRez wrote:All I can say is its about freakin' time. Next, how about a dynamic web-based interface for iDisk, so Windoze users don't have to install an application to use it from the desktop...

    if i understand what you're asking for, i think it might already exist. try :)

    chateau de versailles. of Chateau de Versailles
  • of Chateau de Versailles

  • Mkalem
    Aug 7, 10:02 PM (


    chateau de versailles. The Chateau de Versailles,
  • The Chateau de Versailles,

  • SupremeTeam
    Oct 2, 06:09 PM
    just a pic of my favorite clothing company :D

    chateau de versailles. Chateau de Versailles
  • Chateau de Versailles

  • JPark
    Apr 7, 09:49 AM
    Has anybody else noticed that with each new patch Safari gets snappier and the battery life gets worse? :D

    Actually, I felt my battery did get worse with 4.3.0. I'm not sure about 4.3.1 yet, but I jailbreaked at 4.3.1 so it's not really a fair comparison for me.


    chateau de versailles. Chateau de Versailles.jpg
  • Chateau de Versailles.jpg

  • Hitrate
    Dec 2, 07:54 PM
    Manwhile I've been enjoying Premiere Pro CS5 - and now Avid...Avid seems smoooth playback wise on my MBP - where FCP and PPro needs to render all the time - even for simple crops and transitions (wtf?!), and I might as well get comfortable using what the pro's use - Thing is, if you want jobs as an editor, many companies are using Avid obviously. If we're just talking prosumer or whatever, FCP/PPro is perfectly fine...I don't mind knowing the basics of all three programs though!

    chateau de versailles. Parc du Château de Versailles:
  • Parc du Château de Versailles:

  • BeamWalker
    Aug 4, 09:08 AM
    that dog link please?:D:)

    You can get it at Deviantart (


    chateau de versailles. the Château de Versailles
  • the Château de Versailles

  • gwfattwkr
    Jun 15, 01:29 PM
    I plan on getting to the North park mall around 5ish, I dont anticipate the same amount crowds as last year.

    chateau de versailles. Château de Versailles#39;s is
  • Château de Versailles#39;s is

  • fswmacguy
    May 1, 12:00 PM
    I really like "Castle". Sounds regal and secure.


    chateau de versailles. the Château de Versailles
  • the Château de Versailles

  • rprebel
    Feb 4, 05:30 PM
    Mike do you know of a site I could upload the file?

    Just upload it as an attachment. Click Reply, go to Additional Options and then Attach Files, and then click Manage Attachments. A small window will pop up. Click Browse, and find your pic. Upload it, Submit Reply and you're done.

    Nice pic, btw.

    chateau de versailles. Palace of Versailles and the
  • Palace of Versailles and the

  • jsw
    Feb 14, 01:51 PM
    That's probably true, but I can hardly delete it, then he'd report me for silencing my own critics :eek: :p
    Maybe you could delegate some authority to Demis or Contributors for doing your dirty work, then we temporary iMods could do your bidding without your hands getting dirty. To ensure that none of us became too power hungry, you could randomly rotate through a list of candidates using a technique called the the iMod Shuffle.


    chateau de versailles. Reverse Text: quot;Château de
  • Reverse Text: quot;Château de

  • roadbloc
    Dec 1, 04:35 AM
    Come along pond. ;)

    chateau de versailles. Versailles Palace (Chateau de
  • Versailles Palace (Chateau de

  • AP_piano295
    Mar 16, 03:47 PM
    Wow...I could give a damn what she was wearing she isn't asking to be raped.

    It's interesting how similar hardcore Christian conservatives are to hardcore conservative Muslims.


    chateau de versailles. Opening up at the Chateau de
  • Opening up at the Chateau de

  • jkelly888
    Jan 31, 06:01 PM
    I have a Mac Mini from late 2006 with an intel Core duo cpu (Model#: MA608LL/A). The problem I'm having is that i have it set to turn the display off after idling 5min and go to sleep after idling for 10min. It turns the display off but the mac never goes to sleep. I can use the apple remote or the menu option to put it to sleep. It just never goes to sleep due to idling. Any possible solutions would be great.

    chateau de versailles. (this pic from Versailles,
  • (this pic from Versailles,

  • sherlockaled
    Feb 1, 08:05 PM


    chateau de versailles. chateau de versailles
  • chateau de versailles

  • vnowarita
    Apr 4, 02:43 PM
    I would gladly pay a $50 fee to continue to upgrade my phone every year. My bro in-law who just got the 4 through VZW will not have the chance to upgrade for almost 2 years!!! I can sell my current iPhone 4 on ebay subsidize my new iPhone and still come out ahead.
    Not sure what all the problems are about. ATT allows you to upgrade earlier in most cases. Now they are throwing a $50 fee at you. It's still better than waiting 2 years imo. If you don't care about upgrading sooner just wait and you will be the same as the VZW customer as far as price goes.
    ATT may seem like the devil but they are not necessarily any worse then the rest of them. I switched from VZW and although the service isn't as good. Where I do get it the 3g blows VZW's away. I will not be switching back.
    Relax everyone. It's just the cost of doing business and it will continue to rise everywhere.:D

    chateau de versailles. Chateau de Versailles
  • Chateau de Versailles

  • G5Unit
    Apr 5, 08:36 PM
    Man, I never look at the finer detials

    chateau de versailles. Chateau de Versailles - Pièce
  • Chateau de Versailles - Pièce

  • dustinsc
    May 5, 01:18 PM
    I'm getting a new receiver for my living room that supports 5.1, but I've tried hooking up my MBP to my friend's receiver, but it only output 2 channels. The problem may have been the fact that I was using analog audio out. If I use a digital mini to Toslink cable to connect it, should I be able to get 5.1 audio out? I looked in the archives, but didn't find an answer.

    Dec 15, 11:33 PM
    I used SnowTunes Noir ( (it's part of the download, there's three versions in one installer, both Noir and HUD are dark, just different styles). It's been working well for a long time now.


    thanks, I will try that out!!!

    Dec 17, 11:10 AM
    Officially sold!

    Jan 7, 09:01 PM
    Someone beat ( you to it, sorry :)

    Mar 20, 09:09 AM
    $75 for a website template?? Doesn't sound like your charging nearly enough money. That should be closer to $400 IMO.

    When I pay for logo design or a website, I pay by the job. I usually get a quote before we begin. I paid $100 for a logo design.

    Sounds like you dealt with the situation very well!

    Man! I've got a lot to learn :o Thanks for sharing those figures. The frustrating thing is the pricing spectrum for design is so wide, it's hard for a beginner to get a decent idea of what to charge. I guess I have to look at as many pricing sources as possible and and try to distill some figures? I have the "Graphic Artist Guild" handbook, but those prices are through the roof. I imagine they're for seasoned professionals working for major clients. Thanks again!

    Apr 21, 01:11 PM
    I thought I read somewhere on this forum, that these models can work just fine with only 1 processor this got me thinking -- if you only install 1 processor, then you could go with a generic LGA1366 i7 even though it only has a single QPI link. Is this right, or am I wrong?

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