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  • sailing_through
    02-18 01:05 PM
    Thanks for the quick reply, Krishna. I would infact get paid in INR in an Indian account. But what do we do when we file our taxes? When my husband files as "married filed jointly", do we declare this income? Do you have any inputs on that.

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  • prom2
    09-28 08:18 AM
    Hi Everyone

    I got an RFE for my I140 filed in September 2006. They asked me to show my W2 for 2006 and also show that the employer had the ability to pay the offered wage in case my W2 is less than the offered wage.

    My W2 has 8k less than the offered wage. My company has not yet filed 2006 Taxes. Can you tell me whats the best thing to do? My employer has good revenue, but I guess he has been showing a net loss every year.

    Please help me out. Tell me if any of you have gone through similar issues.


    1) Find a good lawyer with experience in ability to pay issues.
    2) The company should prove ability to pay your LC salary since PD.
    3) Because you are currently working for them, and your salary is 8k below, they should prove they have been paying your salary (W2) and also ability to pay the extra 8K/yr.
    4) If the company had losses in 2006, but their net current assets were over 8K, it is ok.

    BTW, what is your PD?

    It is just an opinion, not an advise, please consult a lawyer with experience.

    Good luck.

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  • krishnam70
    07-17 07:13 PM
    Thanks for your list. So it seems we can do it without attorney help. I am not sure what my attorney is doing its been a month since he had all the papers and fee. I am going to try filing myself:mad:

    and file yourself using the thread for self-filers in this forum.


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  • crystal
    09-17 01:38 PM
    What is wrong if you look like grandfather , if that is the truth.
    Lets accept it and move on :D

    I saw those guys in the situation room. I will look like their grandfather.:mad:


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  • Onlytruthnobs
    06-01 01:34 PM
    Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    Go with every document that you think is important. Also, consult your company's lawyer.

    I think it is going to be ok.

    Good Luck and please share your experiences when done.

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  • dhirajgrover
    10-16 12:26 PM
    - 485/765/131 submitted in Aug. Receipts are in with Oct 1 as the date. Why would they mark a date in October on the notice even though they physically received the applications on Aug 15th?

    - Should I be receiving an EAD 90 days from Aug 15th or Oct 1?

    - My H1 will expire by the end of the year. Should I be concerned? Do I have to do anything if I receive the EAD before it expires? Assume a case where I get my EAD approved and for some reason, my wife who is on H1, fails to get her EAD before the end of this year. Do I have to file for her extension, or take some other action?

    - When can a person safely switch his/her employer? 180 days after filing the application or after receiving I485 approval?

    - Can a spouse work on the basis of the receipt notice from USCIS, or does she need to have the EAD approval?

    - How long (currently) would it take to receive the Green Card in hand? Are there enough numbers available with USCIS to allot GCs to almost everyone who qualifies?

    - Would I get the fingerprinting notice directly or would my employer receive it?

    - What other formalities would be left after (assuming) 485/765 are approved?

    - Does anyone know of a good site that shows a workflow of all these stages in a Green Card process?


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  • puddonhead
    05-22 09:47 AM
    The terms "Active Trader", and "Active Investor" may sometimes denote two completely different things.

    "Active Trader" ( is one who does day trading. While this opens you up to a pandoras box of regulatory and compliance related stuff - which I would find to be too onerous as an individual - it is perfectly OK to do this in H1B from an immigration law standpoint.

    The term "Active Investor" is sometimes used to refer an "Active Trader" - and at some other times loosely used in lieu of "Activist Investor" ( It is NOT OK for an H1B to be an activist investor.

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  • plusme
    10-19 09:37 AM

    While filling the Labor my attorney used my education (Bachelor's degree BSc Comp Science and one year of diploma in computer science) and as well as the experience which was 8 yrs in 2008 for EB3. Then my labor got approved. So we applied for I140, then USCIS had an RFE on my case saying this education is not enough so my attorney prepared some documents showing this BSc Comp science is equivalent to US 4 yrs degree. Then in a month time immediatly I got my I140 denied, So after that my attorney appealed with I290 form, Still got rejected in 3 months then again my attorney re-appealed to it by adding some more information to it. So now the status is showing as Initial review with AAO.


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  • silvinhaphn
    05-05 07:01 PM
    Hey guys I got the mail today! I'm sooo happy!

    Thanks everybody that replied!

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  • shrayus
    07-13 08:09 PM


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  • maddipati1
    07-31 06:19 PM
    why does it have to be only one option. submit both or even more of other types

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  • gapala
    04-09 01:43 PM
    Can someone please confirm if "Card Production Ordered" email from USCIS mean my 485 is approved and I have gotten GC ?
    Also if May bulletin is Unavailable it still means that GC;s issued if your date is current in April are valid ? My email came yesterday same day as the new May bulletin ?

    May bulletin is effective only in May 09, so you are in good shape.


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  • amitjoey
    09-13 03:46 PM
    The chances this time are NONE. The chances in the session after November elections are better but still slim. It will most likely be taken up in spring or summer of 2011.

    For us the chances are always slim because:
    1) We will keep bickering and fighting amongst ourselves
    2) We will not go and talk to the legislative offices to make them understand our problems and issues.
    3) If we continue to not stand up and be counted.

    We do have to use this time between now and when they take up the bills to constantly build pressue, educate. Each member has to go to their local lawmakers offices not only atleast once but once a month and keep hammering the message.

    If we do not do that, then even after they take up any meaningfull immigration bills, the provisions we want will either not be in the bill or be watered down to have no desired effect.

    So as you can see, it does not matter when they take up the bills. The real question is have we prepared ourselves and build our case, so when they do take it up, it is Slam-dunk for us.

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  • pitha
    02-15 01:47 PM
    I am not sure if that is true anymore. Recently US has announced that even US citizens returning from CANADA need to have there passport with them for entering into US. Earlier all they needed was a drivers license. When the US is tightening entry requirements for US citizens I am not sure automatic visa revalidation is still possible. Better follow up on it before going to Canada.

    What you are talking about is an automatic visa revalidation. You can re-enter the US from Canada on an expired visa if you have a valid I-94 and h1 extension. However, if you visa stamping is denied for any reason while being in Canada, you will NOT be able to re-enter anymore. Usually, the consular officer takes away your I94 or makes a note that a visa was not issued. At that point, you need a valid, unexpired visa to re-enter the US, or you have to go to your home country for visa stamping.



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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    02-12 01:12 PM
    Great article! Surely, it must have gotten John Miller atleast thinking what is going on in the US! What he has called a faster process in the US takes atleast 8-10 years since arrival in the US!
    I am going to e-mail him, and would like others to do so too! Let us tell them the truth!

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  • Suva
    04-22 10:09 AM
    Applied on Feb 6 and approved on March 18.


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  • EkAurAaya
    10-19 10:03 AM
    I don't have an A#? Where can i find that.

    Should be on your EAD (alien #)

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  • bsbawa10
    12-16 07:21 PM
    A million dollar question is : What order are they following ? I am having PD of April 14th , 2004. Still waiting.

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  • carbon
    05-31 01:27 AM
    How can we reach the rest of ~496,000 skilled immigrants who are waiting for their green cards? where are they??

    04-09 04:05 PM
    I think we can be on one visa at any given point of time. either use EAD or H1B.. gurus please clarify


    03-26 02:13 PM
    WHy there are no replies in this thread

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