Wednesday, June 1, 2011

teased emo hair

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  • marshallbedsaul
    Jan 18, 10:42 PM
    love it
    I really love the passat CC a little more, but vw is taking a honda's road these days. With the new factory in VA and cutting prices like they are now, but still a VW.

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  • teased emo hair.

  • TheMonarch
    Dec 23, 01:12 AM
    My first attempt... :) :o


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  • richters
    Jan 10, 04:52 AM
    It is crying FOUL......



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  • R94N
    Dec 1, 04:21 PM
    I like the 'Redwood' wallpaper that comes with the Mac. I'm sure they added more wallpapers to the 'plants' category recently though. It could be just me :p


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  • ciTiger
    Apr 30, 09:34 PM
    Good news if it is a single service with all the features... Let's hope for a good price!

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  • russell1256
    Apr 30, 05:03 PM
    how do I add to it?


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  • MattyMac
    Oct 31, 11:03 AM
    Yeah, the whole 2G = 2nd Generation thing is getting old. Most people with any sense can discern 2G from 2GB, but that's assuming that most people have any sense, which sadly isn't the case.
    (I don't get it; when people say they have a 120 Gigabyte Hard Drive in their computer, they always say "120GB," not "120G." So why get confused at "2G iPod?" It's simply confounding!)

    Even with clarification, people still foul it up. I concur with recommending to referring to it as the G2 Shuffle, or even "new iPod shuffle" as Apple refers to it on their site.

    I'd recommend naming it "clippy" but well... that would just start a whole new debacle!

    Anyway, even though I already have a 5G iPod (err... that's 5th Generation, or G5, or iPod Video) I might pick up one of these clippy ones. I could take it places where I fear to carry my larger & more expensive iPod. It would also make a great gift!

    Yeah...this shuffle will be my 7th iPod:eek:

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  • crazzyeddie
    Sep 26, 08:39 PM
    Its going to take alot more than a Mail update to satisfy me... but its a start.


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  • mags631
    Nov 22, 06:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    It goes to show you that they can still make a profit with $100 off. I guess the price gouging by Apple continues.

    If you are worried by Apple's margins, you shouldn't buy software or clothes.

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  • iRance
    Feb 25, 09:18 AM
    56 Years of Innovation :):apple:


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  • oban14
    Apr 29, 12:17 AM
    What do you expect?

    1) Most people (AT&T and Verizon) are locked into contracts.
    2) When the Verizon iPhone debuted in February, we were all expecting the iPhone 5 in 4-6 months. Why get locked into an iPhone 4 when the 5 was just a few months away?

    If there were no contracts and the iPhone4 had debuted on both carriers at the same time, it would have gone very differently.

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  • rgarjr
    Apr 30, 11:38 PM
    Magic mouse FTW


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  • iMJustAGuy
    Aug 1, 12:49 PM

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  • Reao
    Feb 1, 12:18 PM

    Love it! :D


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  • Lau
    Nov 9, 02:35 PM
    I just got iMsafe. It backs up to an iPod, Firewire drive etc and it has been excellent. It just seems really good. Looks nice, dead simple, works well. And that's it.

    Bit like macs, s'pose :)

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  • roland.g
    Mar 30, 11:24 AM
    It is a bummer that there is no way to use the subscriptions to track replies that quote your post.


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  • vincenz
    Apr 6, 05:48 PM
    So you can get a 1TB hard drive for $80.... 12,000 of those.... not that big of an expenditure tbf.

    Imagine maintaining all of those physically though...

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  • RiskyMr
    Jan 8, 12:09 AM
    I downloaded the Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008 Console client version #6.23.

    It didn't recognize the -bigadv option, but the client I have has a -advmethod option. Also, when using the -smp option I get an error message saying that "mpiexec is not recognized".

    I'll run a few more using a single core each and try to make some sense of this in the morning. (And it's all for a good cause, right...) :) :)

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  • asphalt-proof
    Apr 21, 11:35 AM
    The only people who want to compare it that way are apple fans. The rest of the world rightfully compare it according to device. Smartphone OS to smartphone OS.

    Except iOS is not a exclusively a smartphone OS. Again, if you are a developer, the metric that matters is how many devices are using the particular platform.

    You can't have it both ways. You can't compare one phone (the iPhone) against every phone out that runs Android. You either have to do a one-to-one comparison of manufacturer to manufacture (that gives you revenue/number of handsets sold/profitability /market share, etc... Android has no revenue, only the manufacturers). Or you have to compare platforms, which includes all iOS devices and all Android devices capable of running apps such as PMPs, tablets and phones. Here, you can look at how much Google makes from ads generated by users of Android phones which, i think is a more valuable and telling metric. And one that would benefit the Android argument.

    But the main point is: DEVELOPERS JUST DON"T CARE ABOUT iPHONE VS. ANDROID, or iPhone vs. HTC, or iPhone vs. anything. All they care about is how many people will have access to their app. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT COUNT! Not you, fandroids, or Apple lovers.

    Really, it's kind of a pointless article. The majority of people arguing over this do not develop apps. I'm sure there are some devs who do, but their time would be far better spent making sure their apps are available for both devices.

    Feb 22, 06:00 PM
    Guys, my sources say it's true.

    Paul Graham
    Feb 3, 05:54 PM
    in what way?

    Dock - Different style etc.
    Taskbar ( If thats what its called on a mac? ) - Colour/transparency.

    And thanks for the help on the screen capture ;)

    Apr 9, 10:39 PM
    Try this one:

    tell application "Mail"
    set latestMessage to content of first message of inbox
    end tell


    Sep 26, 09:32 PM
    Once Yahoo started their AJAXy mail service (FireFox only for Macs of course) I thought Apple would have to upgrade their service. I'm hoping their new partnership with Google will bring interoperability between .Mac and Google features like Mail, Pages, Calendar, and more. :rolleyes:

    But how about this for perspective: it only costs about $55 to join AND renew the .Mac service. Happily, Apple lets us use the serial numbers that come in any .Mac retail box, like the ones we buy at places we find at et. al. I've joined and renewed at this price. We can even use these numbers to join at the end of a .Mac Trial. Makes .Mac seem twice worthwhile, donnit? ;)

    Dec 20, 05:23 PM
    thanks! This was actually going to be #1 but I couldn't figure out how to get it inside the size limit :o

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